I was so stupid for letting you go...

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"Last call, flight to Liverpool leaves in 2 minutes."

"Not yet..."

Niall mumbled as I gave him a kiss. I was going home. After a year I'm finaly going back home. I must admit I miss the house and my old friends. The vacation won't last long. Only a few days, maybe two weeks, but its more than I'd ever wish for.

When I come back to America I'll have a lot of work to do. After the song hit #1 on the charts Niall got a few calls from people who wanted to help me get a singer career. And when I told Niall that I might be interested he set up a few meetings. Of course the media found out about this and calls were just comming and comming. I always liked singing but I never thought I'm any good.

"I'll miss you."

"You sure you cant come?"

"I wish. But interviews and some signings. I just cant let my fans down."

"Its okay."

I smiled and gave him another kiss.

"I'll miss you to Ni."

I took my bag and walked away. I am gonna miss him. Imagine living with someone for a year and then just leaving. Its weird.

I was sitting in my seat, waiting... It was kind of boring. And now I had 5 hours to spend on a stupid plane. I'll die of boredom. The seat next to me was empty. Maybe I'll get lucky and noone will sit there. I'll have it all for myself! *devil smile*

But that thought faded away when I saw a familiar face looking at me, heading towards the seat next to me.

"Well you're the last person I expected here!"

I couldnt believe it was him. I havent seen him in ages. I almost forgot all about him... Us... He sat next to me and gave me a hug. His big smile made me realise how much I missed him.

"So how have you been? I hope that Niall guy is treating you right?"

I chuckled.

"Ah, so you heard..."

"Of course I did, the whole world has!"

He smiled and all I could think of is how much I loved him a few years back. This really was frustrating.

"How about you? Any Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus interested in dating Tom Perry?"

"Haha haven't got that luck. But remember Tracy from school?"

"How could I forget that manipulative bitch?"

"Dumped her last month."

"Oh my God, nooooo! How long have you two been together?"

"Like 4 months."

"Awch. What happened?"

"She cheated."

"Oh you poor baby!"

He fake cried and I gave him a hug and it felt like old times. When Tracy was our big enemy and we would do anything to make her suffer. Yup, thats usualy what 15 year olds do.

 *~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Le skip 5 hours *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Tom helped me with my bags but he really didnt need to do that. It wasn't that heavy. I was looking around to see my mum. I could've sworn she was nowhere to be found.

"I don't se your mother..."

"Yes, me neither. Don't worry, I'm sure she'll be right here."

While I was talking I was looking for my phone. One missed call. Mum. The phone ringed for a bit before she answered.

"Yes, hello?"

"Mum, its me."

"Oh, Leah darling. I'm sorry but I cant pick you up. Could you call a taxi or something? I got stuck at work."

"Yeah sure, I'll deal with it. Bye."

I hung up before she could say anything else. Of course I was in a bad mood. I havent seen her in months. I just hope she'll be home while im there.


"Kinda. My mum cant pick me up so i gotta take a taxi."

"Well don't do that! You can come with me. You only live like 5 minutes away from me."

"Okay, thanks."

I smiled and he smiled back. It was a half an hour drive to our street. At first it was kinda awkward because we were both quiet. But then I heard Nialls voice on the radio. At first I started fangirling, but then I realised what song it was. It was only a few seconds away from the part where I sing.

"I don't like that song, shut it down please?"

"What do you mean you don't like it? Its you're boyfriend!"

"Yes, but I don't like it can you..."

Too late. As soon as he realised it was me singing he started smiling and turning the volume up. I tried to turn it down but he wouldnt let me.

"C'mon stop it, stop it, stop it!"

"Why? You sound great."

I blushed and pouted.

"Please turn it off?"

I gave him the biggest smile I could.

"Aweeeee you're so cute!"

He turned off the radio and chuckled a bit.

"What now?"

"Remember in 5th grade when you had a fight with me because you said you're gonna be a singer and I didn't believe you?"

He paused a bit and looked at me.

"I was so wrong!"

"Yes, you were and I was right AS ALWAYS! I win!"

We laughed and the rest of the drive was relaxed and pretty sweet actually. I really missed an old friend. I wonder if my neighbour Stacy still lived there. Probably yes, I wasn't gone for so long. He stopped the car infront of my house.

"So listen, after you unpack and stuff maybe you'd want to get a coffee or something?"

"I don't drink coffee. But tea would be fine!"

I smiled and he looked happy.

"Well you have my number! Give me a call yeah?"

"Will do."

I opened the car door and took my bag and practically ran into the house and tripped on the way. Oh, Leah you cluts! I heard him chuckle and a second later, with a straight face, he asked me if im okay.  I just smiled and waved and hoped he'll forget about it by the next time we meet. I really do wish we'd meet again.


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