Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

            “Do you pay for this palace, Mr. Cavenaugh?” Paisley asked, scooping more chicken and broccoli onto her plate.

            The three of them had decided—well, Daxton decided, really—to order Chinese food before heading back to Daxton’s. After a quick initial tour, Paisley had fallen in love with the place while Kamree once again had to overcome her awe of the monstrosity of the apartment Daxton called home.

            “Not anymore.” Daxton took a sip of his water. He’d taken off his suit jacket and tie and folded up the sleeves of his white shirt to his mid forearm. Kamree had to work to keep her eyes from finding those muscular forearms again and again.“My father—the king—bought it for me.”

            Kamree snorted into her chicken lo mein. Paisley’s eyes had widened comically. “Ree! He can’t be the prince. Prince Ethan Alexander is our prince.”

            Daxton had a boyish grin on his face. It grew when Kamree said, “See, Mr. Cavenaugh, you can’t be a prince. Now what are you going to do with your life?”

            “I guess I’ll have to live my life by co-owning my family’s company.”

            “Such a shame.” Kamree laughed once to herself.

            “Ree, are we staying here?” Paisley reached for her fortune cookie.

            “For tonight.”

            Daxton picked at his Szechwan chicken. “Paisley, you are always welcome in my house. Stay as long as you like.”


            He laughed. “If you want.”

            The brightness in Paisley’s eyes made Kamree happy. However, when she thought about it, she got sad. Staying at Daxton’s would be nice, but they couldn’t lean on him for long. She couldn’t allow it.

            “Ree, can we?” Paisley cracked open her cookie. “I don’t want to live at our house anymore.”

            Paisley didn’t understand. But it still hurt when Paisley threw away the home Kamree had been working her butt off to afford.

            “If we live here,” Paisley continued. “You can have a bed, Ree.”

            “Have a bed?” Daxton echoed, confused.


            “Kamree doesn’t have a bed. She sleeps on the couch.” She said, matter of fact and peered down at her fortune.

            Daxton angled his face over at Kamree who flushed. Way to make me look more incompetent, Pais.

            “Our couch is comfy.” She tried to redeem herself.

            “I’ve seen your couch, Kamree.” Daxton said quietly. His lips pinched together.

            She picked at her food, staring down into the white container. “Survival is all about adapting, Mr. Cavenaugh.”

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