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Alessia's pov

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Alessia's pov


I am very good at this subject.

I love reading a lot.

As soon as I entered the classroom, it was dead silent.

I looked up only to see everyone staring at me.

I looked down shyly.

"Hello!! What can I do for you today."
Said a muscular man in his late twenties.

He might be the teacher.

"H-hello I am new here" I said shyly.

"Ofcourse sweetie you can take a seat but before that please introduce yourself" he said in a soft voice.

I blushed when he called me sweetie.

"A-alessia" I said and waved at everyone shyly.

Oh how much I wish ace was there with me.

"Ok I am Mr. Collins your English teacher. It was nice to meet you. You can sit at the last bench with Alexi"

I looked up at last bench to see an empty seat beside a pretty girl.

I skipped over to the last bench and sat down.

Mr. Collins started the class again.

"Hi" said the girl beside me.

"Hey" I gave her a cute smile.

"OMG you are so cute." She whisper-squealed.

I blushed.

"You are also very pretty" I said shyly to her.

She cooed at me.

"Well I am Alexis. Oh you already know that" she giggled slightly at her silliness.

"I am Alessia"

The whole went on us getting to know each other.

She also invited me to her table for lunch.

I happily nodded.

I will tell ace also that I am going to sit with them.

The bell rang.

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