Chapter 3

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"I can't believe we finally made it Boo! We are actually in Paris!" Cookie was obviously super excited. And I was too. But I already missed Daniel. I just felt empty.
"Aren't you excited?" Cookie turned to me.
"Yah! Super! I just miss Daniel. That's all. So we need to go find..." I took a piece of paper out of my back pocket and unfolded it. "Radisson Blu Le Metropolitan Hotel." I had a little trouble reading it.
"Well that sounds fancy." Cookie said while giggling.
Cookie and I found a very pretty looking woman to ask for directions.
Cookie tried to ask her for directions.
"pourquoi avez-vous mangez les cornichons dans le bureau ?" She obviously didn't know that she said
' Why did you eat the pickles in the office?' So I stepped in.
"désolé , elle ne marche pas dire cela. nous nous demandions si vous pouviez nous donner des directives à Radisson Blu Le Metropolitan Hôtel?"
If you didn't know already, I knew how to speak French. And Cookie does too, but she just started. All I said was
'Sorry. We were wondering if you could give us directions to Radisson Blu Le Metropolitan Hotel.'
"Wee. I actually speak English. Just head up La' Bell street and then make a left." The woman explained.
"Thank you so much!" Cookie thanked the woman and we headed up La' Bell street.
When we got to the Hotel, Cookie went to go check us in. I kind of just roamed around the lobby. Then I went to go see what was taking so long and saw Cookie talking to a guy. I squealed a little bit in excitement, and slowly walked a little bit closer to try to hear what they were talking about.
"Yeah I have a really annoying roommate, that's why I came down here. He just wants to stay inside all day instead of adventuring and trying new things. But I, on the other hand, crave adventure!" The mystery guy was trying to act cool, but it wasn't really working.
"Oh my gosh! Well I have this friend that is very adventurous too. But she is actually kind of annoying sometimes. She talks way to much about her boyfriend. And I don't even get why he likes her. She's pretty ugly, kind of chubby, and talks way to much. I kind of wish sometimes that I could just have another best friend. You know?" Cookie replied. She couldn't be talking about me. I mean, she just can't. I could feel a tear run down my cheek.
"Oh really? What's her name?" You could just tell he was someone who loves to gossip.
"Well, her real name is Alex, but I call her Boo." My heart stopped. Did she really just say that? I dramatically walked over to her and said,
"Excuse us!" And I grabbed Cookie by her arm, and pulled her away.
"What do you think your doing! Are you really badmouthing me just because of some cute guy? Do you really think that way of me? Because I can think of a lot of things that you could do wrong, but this crosses the line! I'm done!" I started to walk out of the door.
"Boo! Wait! I didn't really mean it! I was..." I stopped in mid tracks and said,
"Well apparently I didn't mean to come on this trip with you either!" This time I stormed out the lobby door, and just ran. Ran anywhere but here.

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