Chapter 8: grump

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As dave and John left the cafeteria, Jake and dirk had gotten some food and sat down at the recently deserted table.

"So..." Jake mumbled as he stabbed his fork into his eggs. He peered over the table to look at dirk. He had a bed case of bed head and his glasses hung lazily off of his face. "Did you sleep well?"

Dirk sighed and looked towards Jake. "Somewhat." Jake watched as dirk pushed his food with his fork. It was hard to tell what mystery food laid on his plate. It was quite red and even looked a little bloody.

"What is that?" Jake asked as he pointed his fork towards dirks plate.

"I don't think you really want to know." Jake looked back down to his plate and continued to eat his food.

The rest of breakfast was silent except for the occasional scraping of their forks against the glass plate.

"So.... " Jake mumbled awkwardly. "What do you guys do here for fun?"

"Well we have a pool and a gaming room.." Dirk said as he leaned back in his chair.

Jake was about to reply when suddenly the doors to the cafeteria slammed open and a very grumpy looking Roxy stormed in.

"Good morning roxy." Dirk said waving to roxy.

Roxy stopped and looked towards him with a scowl on her face. "No. " she hissed. "It is definitely NOT a good morning. "

Dirk quickly sat up in his chair and turned to face her. She was a good ten feet away but he could feel her anger.

"Whoa whoa roxy. What's wrong?"

She sighed and turned towards him. "For one thing I have a killer hang over. Remind me never to drink so late again."

Dirk chuckled and mumbled "me reminding you won't help much."

She snapped her head up and gave dirk a death glare. "Anyways daves little friend kept waking me up with all of his struggling. I don't understand why prey can't just stay still and wait for us to kill them."

That last comment caused Jake to spit out his food. "K-Kill us!?"

Roxy ignored him and kept on talking. "Hey so dirky I'm going hunting tonight with Janey, can you watch my kittens?"

"No." Dirk growled. "I won't watch your dumb cats."

"Please dirkyyyyy" she pleaded.

Dirk scowled and gave in, knowing that she would never give up. "fine. But you owe me."

"Thank you dirky!!" She yelled rushing over to hug him. She gave him a quick squeeze and ran out of the room.

"She's a strange one.." Jake suddenly spoke.

"Yeah. She really is." Dirk replied, sitting down.

They both say in silence for a few more minuets before a ringing went off. Dirk quickly whipped out his phone to check called ID.

"It's dave." He said before picking up the phone and putting it to his ear.

Jake could hear mumbling from the other side of the phone. The soft sounds quickly turned loud and the once cold expression on dirks face, turned to worry and distress.

He sat that way for a few minuets before moving the phone away from his ear and hanging up.

"What is it dirk.. What's going on?" Jake asked worried.

"It's John." He mumbled. "He's been kidnapped."


AHHH cliffhanger. :3 I'm so sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I've been super buys working on a art portfolio. Bruhhhh it's so much work. Anyways I'm working on the next chapter. I'll try and get it out as soon as I can! Thanks so much for all of the encouragement you guys have been giving me. ;-; it means a lot and I'm sorry this chapter is so short. Anyways see you soon!

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