Chapter 6 ~Percy~

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Once her small soft hand touched mine, I was set into my own world. But I was rudely interrupted by a small hand slapping my face.

"Percy!" The voice of Annabeth Chase yelled at me.

"Wha?" I mumbled snapping out of my daydream.

"Truth or dare?" She asked me in her questioning voice.

"Dare." I managed to say before turning away from her gray eyes.

"Hmm." She thought before saying this,"I dare you to tell anyone in this room who you have the feels for."

"Okay," I began,"But timeout for this." I point to Annabeth and I's hands.

"Of course." She said yanking her hand free from mine.

I stood up and took Thalia's arm and pulled her into the other room.

"Well, who is it." Thalia tapped her foot impatiently.

"I wasn't just gonna go and tell you! i'll describe her to you though." I smiled as I made sure that nobody was listening.

"Well, go for it." She said frowning.

"Well, she's really smart, and she's really funny, she goes to our school, she's short and she has blonde hair." I said, Thalia gasped. I realised I'd made a huge mistake, I'd given it away.

"Oh my Gods. You just described Annabeth Chase."

~Authors Note~

I feel I rushed this chapter but whatever. I needed to update. So Bye!

~Misty Loves You~

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