Chapter 2

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(Still Alfie's POV)

I put down my diary, looked at the TV and thought it was a joke at first. Until the worst possible scenario happened... The news reader well, let's just say he was badly hurt... very badly hurt. He fell to the ground whilst being ripped apart by two very savage creatures. All three of us stared at each other in a state of shock.

"Where are your parents?" I asked frantically.

"They went out for dinner about an hour ago. I hope they're okay!" Danny whimpered, terrified.

I grabbed the sword and commanded: "We need to get to my house... Now!"

We rushed down the stairs, into the shop and then we all ran outside to my house across the road as fast as we possibly could. The garage door was open and the car was gone.

"Mum! Dad? Anyone? Please come out it's not funny, I'm really scared." I called out, panic rising in my chest.

Nobody was home. We checked everywhere. I had no idea where mum and dad were.

All of a sudden Leighanna thought of writing something on the door because we all agreed, that these new creature things, that killed the news reader, most probably couldn't read.

Leighanna got out a pen and paper and began to write.

Knock 5 times and then ring the bell, then we will let you in!

I was shaking with fear, we locked all of the windows and all of the doors. I had the spare key from the flower pot on the table next to the door in case anyone wanted to come in with us. But still... I couldn't bear to think of what had happened to my parents.

I tried to stay strong, but deep inside of me I was dying of terror. I picked up my phone and tried to call anyone but it didn't even ring. It was just a long buzzing noise...

"We need more weapons!" I exclaimed as a banging noise began on our door.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Ding dong!

"That's a human! Quick check who it is!" Danny shouted.

We all rushed down to the front door. I looked through the peephole to see a girl with long blonde hair standing there, she had a knife if her hand covered in a dark red substance. I already new it was blood, but I didn't even think to question her about it. I grabbed the key from the table and unlocked the door. Before I could even open it, it swung open and hit my head.

"Shi-" I was interrupted.

"Thank you so much! My name is Megan. I have nowhere to go please let me stay with you. And uh... sorry about your head..." She begged.

"Fine!" I said. "But you have to tell us what the heck is going on!" I demanded.

Bang! We heard a gun fire in the distance. I pulled back the curtain, but I couldn't see anyone, there was only darkness and the street. I saw a shop with the window filled with food, I knew that we were going to run out in the future so I told everyone to follow me to the store.

"Err!" a moaning sound seemed to be getting closer me.

"Guys help!" I screamed.

I got out the sacred sword and swung it side to side, but before I could chop the weird creature's head off. Bang! A gun was fired at it.

Three people were backed up together, two boys and one girl.

"Quick everybody, backs together! don't let anyone out of the circle!" One of the boys ordered.

I started to panic as there were creatures surrounding us. I thought we were going to die.

I got out my sword and was swinging it left to right like a maniac. Everybody was impressed. I took out seven of the zombie like things all by myself, at that moment I realised if I keep note of how many of them our group has killed, we will be famous when we survive the apocalypse... Yeah that's what I'll call it. I got my diary out of my pocket, ripped all the pages out that had writing on and marked how many I had killed, I asked the others as well. Megan said one and the other group said two. in total that was ten.

Zombie kills,

| | | | | | | | | |

"Quick, grab as much food as you can we need to get back to the house!" Danny ordered, running.

"You guys have a safe place?" The new girl asked.

"Yes, it's just across the street, quick fill these bags! hurry!" I replied.

We filled the bags as fast as we could and ran back to the house. We got in, locked the doors again and just sat down to relax.

"Gosh that was really close," I panted, looking out of the window.

"Can somebody just tell me what the actual heck is going on?" Leighanna screamed like a lunatic.

"Nobody is sure, but I heard that they were looking for a cure for cancer and they tested it on a patient, but it just turned them into these flesh eating monsters." One of the new boys shrugged.

"That's so creepy! So what are your names?" Megan asked.

"I'm Andre, this is Ted but his friends call him Peck, he's my cousin and this is Francesca, my little sister. He was round when this all happened. The first zombie was shot in the head by him. He wasn't afraid to do it that's for sure!"

"Well I had to do it, or I would have died, and yes I was a little scared." Peck said staring at his cousin, Andre.

"I think we should start unpacking this food and storing it, I'm quite hungry right now actually. We should probably eat the bread before it goes out of date." I said whilst packing tins into the cupboard.

I started to get tired and I wanted to fall asleep along with others.

"I think we should do shifts on who wants to stay awake for the first few hours, just to make sure that one of those things doesn't break in and eat us all alive!" I suggested, but before we could even come to a decision... the door knocked on five times, and the doorbell rang.

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