Chapter 11 Just keep playing you might just catch me

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We got there early as Sam was still setting up in the small bistro.

He waved us over when he saw us "What happened to you last period?"

I quickly filled him in and he laughed "You're so bad"

I shrugged "That was nothing. I was bored so whatever" and he gave me a look I was used to when I did things no one expected, it was a look loaded with wonder and admiration.

Or maybe I just had a high opinion of myself.

Suddenly everything went dark as someone put their hands over my eyes.

Instinctively I elbowed the person and I heard them grunt, "Mph"

I recognized the voice and spun around to see Reed bent over slightly, his mouth spread into a smile.

"Surprise" he said

"Omigod Reed, what are you doing here?" was what tumbled out of my mouth before I could stop it.

He straightened up, a sexy smile still on his gorgeous mouth "Wow nice to see you too Katy. See? This is what I get for trying to surprise her" he said to Cass who just shrugged, also smiling.

"You knew?" I asked my voice more aggressive than I had intended I just hated being surprised and he knew that.

"Gee, if I didn't know any better I'd think you didn't want me here" Reed said with amusement lacing his words, his green eyed gaze trained on mine.

"You were supposed to be here Friday" still too surprised to react properly; of course I was glad he was back early.

"Fine I'll go and comeback Friday, would that make you happy?" he said turning to leave but I grabbed his arm and kissed him.

He kissed me back, an arm going around my waist.

"Err guys? I need to start" I heard Sam say but ignored him, so did Reed then Cass added "People are starting to come in"

She sighed when we still didn't answer "When they're like this it's impossible to separate them. Come on" and heard footsteps moving away.

I was too busy making out with Reed to care.

"Who's all this for?" he asked, his hand travelling down the length of my dress then back up to my waist.

"Not for you obviously" I told him and he laughed, taking my hand and leading me to a seat at the front where our friends were.

I also saw other people from our school filling seats behind us, seniors mostly. It was only me, Cass and Sam that were juniors.

They were all surprised to see Reed back.

"Weren't you coming back on Friday?" Dylan asked and Sasha leaned forward to say "Hey Reed"

He raised his brows at me, the ring in the corner also rising "They are happy to see me"

I rolled my eyes and squeezed his fingers lightly.

Cass joined us, sitting beside me a few minutes later as Sam sat on the stool that had been placed in the middle of the stage.

Fixing the mic he said "Hey everyone, thanks for coming...enjoy"

He began with a soft song, his fingers moving quickly over the strings of his guitar to change the chords and his voice intense.

Everyone was silent as he played; even the staffs of the bistro were listening intently cos he was that good.

I glanced at Cass halfway through and was as her face softened, her lips mouthing the familiar words and I wondered how she really felt about Sam.

My observation was interrupted by Reed when he leaned over, his lips grazing my ear and making me prickle.

He only rested there for a few seconds but it was enough to distract me.

Everyone cheered after Sam finished his last song.

He had been amazing the whole hour of the gig and it showed because even the staffs were clapping loudly.

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