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I, Ethan Ainsworth, am now running away from a Vampire to save my life.

Yes I know you wouldn't believe what I just said but it's the truth. I am now being chased by a Vampire, twenty feet away from my back.

Oh God. I still want to live a long life. Find a cute girlfriend, finish high school, go to the prom with my girlfriend, go out with my friends every weekend, buy a car, own a house, work in a company, have my own company after that and so on and so forth. But I don't think I could do that anymore now that a fucking scary Vampire's after me, wanting to have a taste of my blood and suck the life out of me.

I gasped when I saw the tall wall looming in front of me. I quickly looked around for an alternative exit but unfortunately, luck seemed to be laughing at my ass right now since I couldn't find anything but more walls blocking my way. Why oh why did I run in this dark, eerie alley anyway?!

Bottom line: I'm trapped.

I panted and turned around only to find the Vampire was now already standing in front of me. I shrieked in fear when I saw his sharp fangs ready to attack my neck.

Oh good Lord, I don't want to die yet!

"You have nowhere to run anymore," he said in a voice so deep I couldn't help but to shiver. My whole body was trembling in fear as I stared at those deep crimson eyes.

Damn it. I shouldn't have gone out just to buy a freaking Doritos in the middle of the night. I hate myself for even craving that snack!

I panicked when the Vampire stepped forward, closing the gap between the two of us. "N-no!! Don't kill me please I'm begging you!"

I didn't care if I looked lame anymore. I didn't want to be eaten by a Vampire. What would people think if they read the news that a teenage boy was killed by a Vampire? No one would ever believe that.

Seeing that I was trapped by my own stupidity, the Vampire stopped for a moment. I pressed my back on the cold wall behind me and started praying to all the gods, saints and holy being that I would be spared. I was panting like there was no tomorrow and was sweating like a pig that's going to be roasted alive.

I could hear the Vampire snorting in pure mockery. Finally he walked towards me, his long black robe swaying in the air with each step. Every step he made was like death nearing me. I couldn't blink or breathe.

Due to the darkness, I couldn't see the Vampire's face (not like I really wanted to). The only light was coming from the moon and it was enough for me to see the outline of his body.

He was a tall man with long silver hair that fall a few inches above his knees.

The Vampire stopped in front of me and my breath was caught into a hitch. I gathered all my strength to talk. "W-who are you?!" I asked and I could hear the fear in my voice.

He grabbed my chin with his long, elegant fingers and forced me to look up to him. I paled when I saw his red-colored eyes staring deep into mine. "Shut your mouth human, you are not permitted to speak unless you are told to."

His voice was deep, raspy and sensual. He held this authoritative power over me and it was like I couldn't disobey him.

I clutched the arm that was holding my face. "P-please I don't want to die! Don't bite me!! I'm begging you! I still want to finish high school!"

He stared at me for a second and I was thinking that he might be asking himself why the hell am I begging him to make me live just because I want to finish high school. I was expecting that he'll be going in for the kill but I blinked after seeing his blank look.

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