Moon Walker - Prologue

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I was finally going there. To Hogwarts, my dream world ever since I knew that I wouldn't be stuck in Wool's Orphanage forever. It all started with the letter, no orphan had ''the privilege to have private letters'' as Mrs Benchworth put it. It was only a missive from our benefactor read out before our sermon or a 'no supper' punishment scrawled on a scrap piece of paper by Mrs Benchworth.

But anyway, I was amazed to know that I was going to go to a magic school, it seemed almost like a fairy-tale. And people say that Tom Riddle, a boy who once lived in our orphanage, went to the same school that I will. But of course they don't know it's a school for witches and wizards, they're just ordinary people, with pea-sized brains.

As a baby, everyone thought I was weird. I never cried. I had no family or relations; an old man found me by his doorstep and kindly named me Cassandra Varens after his dead daughter. He was poor but must have come from a respectable family; he was a very kind man. But he died soon afterwards and I was brought to the orphanage.

I often find myself transfixed on the moon. The moon has been my guide through all my life. A full moon amplifies the power of my magic and also gives me something else, a power that no witch or wizard can dream of. I'm yet to find out.

I've never seen such a lifeless thing be, well, so full of life. It is the only thing that can convince me to change my mind. And now it tells me why I am here in an earthly world when I belong far away on the pearly seas of the moon. Because I am a Moon Walker.

The Moon and I share a bond, we are kith and kin, we are one. But for the first time I feel doubt, that the moon is not telling me everything. But I dismiss it at once. The moon continues: there have been other Moon Walkers so I needn't be afraid, but I'm far from it. I'm excited, exhilarated with the thrum of life and magic in the seemingly quiet night of July.


It was midnight but I stared on. My eyes were droopy with pools of tears from not blinking but my mind was on fire. But I had a long day ahead of me so I was soon nodding off, propped up on the window sill, dreaming about my new life ahead.

A/N This is my first time writing a book on watt pad so please comment and share. I know this is a really corny first chapter but I promise u that the next few will be much better. So pls pls pls stay tuned for the rest. Thx!

Also check out @Cherry_cola_x if u haven't already, she's an amazing writer 😄.

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