Spanking and Time Out

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No One POV:

Monoma and Bakugou are fighting in the cafeteria like normal the two classes trying to get them to stop like always ofc but then Monama pushed bakugou shocking everyone even bakugou he sat on the floor for five seconds intell he hears Monama laughing that snapped him back he got back up and punched him right in the face really hard sending him flying back, he smirks

"Katsuki bakugou." He hears iida call in a stern scary voice making his smirk turn to a scared face, he realizes that he is fucked.

"Self defense?" He says turning around slowly to face his class and cursing in his head cause his voice cracked

"I dont think so mister, you know better not to hurt people who aren't villains. Even if they deserve it" kirishima says crossing his arms, all of 1A looks like parents scolding their child

"Bakugou come here." Deku says in a deep voice making bakugou gulp. He slowly makes his way over to the class avoiding eye contact with anyone

"Look at us katsuki" sero says bakugou shakily lifts his head

Bakugou POV:

"Now you go over say your sorry and when we get home I want you over my lap you'll get 15 spankings on the couch and then corner time for 15 minutes." Iida says I nod tears forming in my eyes

"Now go." He says his voice getting a little louder I hurry and scramble towards Monama who is getting cuddled and scolded by his class

"I'm sorry Monama." I say and cross my arms with my angry expression

"Whatever." Monama says glaring at me

"Say your sorry too Monama you're already getting a punishment dont make it worse" shinsou says Monama gulps and looks back at me

"I'm sorry" he mumbled I nodded and went back to my class momo gave me a sad smile and then mina picked me up on her hip and we walked back....

Once we get there she sets me down iida goes and sits on the small couch while everyone else sits on the big one I look at iida he pats his lap, I sigh and walk over as slow as possible

"Faster dont make this worse" todoroki says I glare at him real quick before walking faster over to him, he pulls me over his lap pulls my pants but leaves my boxers on

"Count." He says I nod
















At the end I was full on subbing he pulls my pants back up and picks me up and sets me up standing

"Go to the corner now" he says, I felt like a kid I probably looked like one too because of how short I am. Every time i go in public with any of them it's always "is this your son? Hes adorabl!" "Your brother is so cute!" "Oh are you babysitting?"

I walked over and sat on the floor silently crying I hear everyone start talking about random things

Why doesn't any of them ever get spanked or corner time it's not fair I'm not a baby they cant treat me this way they aren't my parents.

Suddenly my brain fills with rage

"Okay bakugou your times done!" I hear iida say in a happy tone I get up and dont make eye contact and go straight to my room leaving the class confused and hurt cause normally after we would cuddle

I sit on my bed and cuddle with my stuffed bunny her name is carrots, I cry into her

After 5 minutes I hear a soft knock

"Hey buddy?" I hear iida say on the other side I sniffle and look up

"Plz unlock the door kacchan" deku asks

"No..." I say mad that I sounded like a child

"Please pebble?" Kirishima says I sigh and walk over with carrots still in my hand I open the door and see my class standing worried

"Oh baby..." ururaka says going to wipe my tears but I backed away

"Dont touch me" I say quietly

"Plz little one tell us what's wrong" denki says everyone nods my my hands roll up into fits

"What's wrong? Well you guys treat me like a child! I mean you dont spank anyone else and it's not fair. And you guys cant put me in the corner cause your not my parents and again I'm 15! You guys are just 1 year older." I say they all seem a little surprised

"Look I know your mad.. but to us you are like our little brother and we only discipline you when its necessary cause we love you and we know we aren't your parents and you may feel like we are trying to torture you but we just want what is best for you" Iida says everyone nods

"Its not fair.." I say and look away

"I think someone is just cranky let's get you to bed and we can talk tomorrow" momo says, I take a minute and then nod slowly

"But I wanna go to bed on my own" I say and glare at them they sigh

"Ok baby goodnight" mina says they all say their goodnight then leave

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