Chapter 41

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“Hana, can I talk to you for a minute?”

Hana looked up from her laptop, staring at Kalthoum for a second before nodding, and motioning towards the seat across from her. She was sitting in the library preparing for the next newspaper staff meeting, and she didn’t like the tone in her friend’s voice.

“Of course. What’s up?” she asked, and Kalthoum sat down, rearranging her skirts before looking up.

“I don’t like to beat around the bush and to play games. So I am just going to be honest with you. I thought I made it perfectly clear about how I felt in regards to you and Houssam?”

Hana recoiled in shock, as if Kalthoum had hit her.

“Excuse me!?” she exclaimed, and Kalthoum nodded.

“Please Hana, don’t play coy with me. I know he called you the other night when Yusra went to the hospital.”

“How is that my fault that he called me?!” Hana asked in astonishment.

“You could have told him you weren’t going to come. Especially at three in the morning!”

“Kalthoum! The child was crying his head off and Houssam didn’t know what to do! What if Kareem made himself sick? What if one of the neighbors called the cops on him?! I had to help!”

“You didn’t have to do anything. You obviously can’t stay away from him.”

Hana’s mouth dropped open.

“What are you talking about!? The only time I am around him is when we are babysitting and that is over!”

“If that’s true, how come last time I met with him he was upset because she said there was something wrong with you. You don’t notice that about someone if you are only around them when you are babysitting!”

“Once again you are blaming me for something that he did.” Hana said tersely, and Kalthoum shook her head.

“Stay away from him Hana.”

“What is wrong with you Kalthoum!?”

“What is wrong with me?! You’re going after an engaged man!”

“First of all, I am not going after anybody.” Hana exclaimed angrily. “Second of all, has he proposed to you?”

When Kalthoum remained silent, Hana felt relief like she had never experienced before flood through her.

“Exactly. So before you go and project your own insecurities on me, take a look at yourself!” she exclaimed hotly before sitting back down and staring at her laptop, though she was so angry she couldn’t even see the screen. Kalthoum stood above her, clenching and unclenching her hands.

“You like him don’t you?”

A profound silence rang through the library at Kalthoum’s words.

“Look Hana. You’re my friend, and no matter what we are going through I do care about you. But I’m with Houssam now.” She gave a shrug. “You’re just going to end up hurting yourself. Give it up.”

Hana gave a short laugh.

“That’s caring about me? Friends don’t talk like that to each other.”

Kalthoum took a step back in surprise.

“What are you saying?”

“We aren’t friends anymore Kalthoum. You have been a terrible friend to me, and all because of some guy. What happened to never letting anyone come between us?” Hana asked softly, and Kalthoum looked away. “And the sad thing is, you don’t even really care about him.”

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