One Shot 2

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Authors Notes: This chapter is NSFW!

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One Shot 2

Tia backed away from Jay nearly falling right out of the bed. He stood up grabbing her by the arm and held her up. It hurt actually, upon her exclamation he let go almost apologetically before he stiffened again.

"What are you?" He growled out again. Tia really just wanted to run away from him. He was angry, he was scary, could she make it to the door before he got her hand? Probably not.

"I haven't got a clue what you're talking about!" She tried pulling away from him pushing herself against the headboard. She wanted so much to just kick at him. Get him to go away, but he pointed to his skin.

"This, this is odd. I haven't had peach skin since...well...since I was human." Tia was slightly interested. Wasn't he always a vampire? She didn't know how this worked. But then again his skin did look more rosy then it was earlier...perhaps there was something an angel could do for a vampire. It would be more curious to find out.

Tia held up her hands and cleared her throat. She played with her hands a little. She was scared, and she seemed to fidget whenever she did.

"I'm a uh...I'm an angel." She told him looking bashful at him and pulled the ribbon from her hair. Her hair was falling out anyways. She occupied her time by putting her hair back up. Just staring at his mouth wider than a bass fish wasn't helping her fear. It was like watching someone who wasn't used to having emotion. He looked shocked, then angry, and then finally he looked slightly more calm. He knew the stories, angels were sent down to kill vampires, and vice versa. It's been a war for as long as he could remember. He had even heard of it as a human.

"Please I'm not trying to cause trouble. I'm just here to keep an eye on everything. So far you all haven't been causing any trouble. I wasn't actually supposed to be a blood provider. I tried to avoid it..." Now that she was able to talk to another of the maids she found out just what a blood provider was. "But when I saw you laying there so helpless...I couldn't not help." Well that was true.

Jay looked on at her, it was very true. She could have let him lay there, mind you another maid would have found him, and probably let him drink her blood. Its happened before when he first became a vampire. But...

"Why?" Why indeed? Tia couldn't help the answer.

"I'm not that kind of girl." She told him. She hated the sight of blood, she hated blood at all. Actually she...

Jay pointed to her dress. She gasped backing away as if trying to get away from the substance stuck on her dress. Blood, it was her blood. Why would that be there, then she realized it was her blood and she was in the parking lot standing next to her car again. The person simply grabbed her, slit her throat and she fell. She didn't live long, she remembered the taste of her own blood, and the feel of the cold as she lost blood. But the pain was something she had forgotten.

"Tia?" Tia jumped and looked around. Jay had a dress in his arms. Where did he even get that? "You okay?" He asked her. Tia shook her head clearing her throat as she took the dress. It was a lovely shade of purple.

Jay looked at her neck, to his amazement the bruising and teeth marks were gone. He however picked up a choker to hide this fact. He grew worried that his brothers would find out about this fact. If they found out that Tia was an angel they would more than likely kill her.

A tiny bell rang over the door, there were a series of four bells, one of which was for the doorbell, dinner bell, bathroom, and kitchens. Each one of the blood providers had them in their rooms. Tia picked up an apron and was about to walk toward the kitchens to help out. Jay plucked the apron up and took her hand, throwing it into a basket.

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