~ Six years later~

"Hey Mom, hey Dad," I smile at the gravestone."I'm sorry for not visiting often." I tenderly place the cherry blossom flowers on their graves. My parents loved cherry blossoms.

"This little one is keeping us busy," Harry joked, playing with baby Daisy's cheeks.

"I hope you're proud of me," a tear rolled down my cheeks, "I've finished college like you've always wanted me to, I married the man I love, and I finally understood why you love me so much because I'm raising a child right now. And I will love her just like you love me." Harry pass me Daisy, I kiss her forehead. I now understand my parent's actions towards me, they wanted the best for me even if they had to be harsh.

"Daisy, meet granny and grandpa!" Harry wraps his arms around both of us, lifting us closer to the tomb.

"Granny?" Daisy utter, with a cheeky smile that resembles her father greatly.

"Yes! Now what about grandpa?" Harry looks like a fish trying to mouth the words to Daisy. "Grandpoo!" I burst out laughing at Daisy's version.

"Hun, you should practice your mouthing skills." I ruffle Harry's curls as an added effect to my amusement.

"Gladly." Harry decides the other meaning of my words by using his lips. No sparks were flying, no butterflies were swirling in my stomach, only a happiness that cannot be bought, bribe for, stolen, or wished for. The kind of happiness that just makes you happy suddenly.

"AAAAAHH! Watch out!" We pull apart at the sudden scream. "What the-" Harry voice my thoughts to the exact. We stared at the tractor approaching us, dumbfound until we saw the driver, followed by four others. Louis and Eleanor starts coming closer and closer at dangerous pace. Harry and I move as far away as possible from the roar of the tractor.

Who would bring a tractor to a graveyard?

"Tractors are your thing now that you don't have to worry about music anymore?" I ask Harry loudly over the roar of the tractor while rocking a crying baby in my arms.

One Direction no longer exists. Everyone had their own life to get to.

Eleanor and Louis are happily married with a five year old who is just another version of Louis, but more hyper. They also have a pair of two year olds who are graceful, more like their Mother and they dance ballad.

Liam and Danielle unfortunately didn't work out, and Daddy Directioner has become a hardcore bachelor.

Zayn has been traveling around the world, doing his own music. Him and Perrie never lasted long, but they keep contact. I haven't seen him since my wedding, which was five years ago. I never had time with Daisy around to visit him.

Niall opened his own restaurant call the Nialler's and it has branched all across the country. Most of the time, Niall was too busy to even visit.

Sarah is the only one who stuck by my side. She is now the top model in England, but she still stayed humble and help me take care of baby Daisy.

As for Harry and I, we stayed under the radar. Back when they were famous, things were so dramatic and publicize all the time, so we decide to hide from the fame and open a small bakery, Harry's dream, and I never thought I was the housewife kind of gal, but it surprised me. Being a housewife suits me quite well.

As I prepare for bone crashing hugs from my friends that I missed so much, I thought about how I hated One Direction.

That is still true. I hate One Direction, the band who made sell out pop music. I didn't actually hate the guys behind One Direction, the ones who sung those songs and win millions of hearts. If I hadn't agree to Uncle Paul, I would never be able to get to know these wonderful boys.

So whenever you think you might hate someone, get to know them first.

Like I did, because I went from hating to loving One Direction.

Wait, I still hate their music.

So let's put it like this: my name is Annabelle Stevens and I'm hating but loving One Direction.

A/N: I have a feeling there will be mixed feelings about this ending. I thought and thought about putting off the ending but I felt like this is right. Some of you might like this ending, where you get a glimpse at the future. But others might like a present day ending.

Either way, I'm happy with this story. I have improved so much as a writer. Go to my first story and then look at this one, it is a HUGE difference.

Thank you for inspiring me to keep writing and keep improving. I am so happy have found Wattpad since I met YOU! And you make me so happy.

Sequel? No, sorry! I don't feel like there is anything else to write about.

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