Villain 2

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Bakugou POV:

"Wakeup puppy" I hear dekus voice

"No" I say and cover my face with the blanket, I feel myself get picked up and on to his hip I groan

"Why can't I just sleep!" I whine he chuckles and kisses me nose

"Because it's already 12 you can't sleep all day" he says I glare at him

"Yes I can" I say he just rolls his eyes playfully and takes me to the backyards

"I want you to play around out here get into your inner puppy or something just dont try and escape" he says I nod and try not to smirk, he closes the door I look around

Damn they got a big ass backyard and for what. I see a whole if the fence that I could squeeze through

"Hehe freedom" I say and check to see if there are camera or if someone is watching and to my surprise I dont see anything

Wow ok

And then I run and slip though the whole

"Yesss" I whisper in excitement and then all that excitement vanishes when I see just forest

"Oh great" I say and walk into the forest my tail moving side to side, my ears twitching at every sound

A hour later:

Ughhhh I'm tired

I sit down on a rock I hear movements...

I look around and see 4 giant wolves come out from behind the trees they growl as they come closer I stand up quickly and get into a fighting stance.

Now they are 10 feet away they turn into half human half wolf things like me!

"Aw guys it's ok it's just a puppy" the pink haired wolf girl says I glare at her

"Maybe he got separated from his parents can we keep him?" The yellow haired guy said

"Hes so cute" the red haired boy said making me switch my glare towards him

"I am not" I say and the black haired wolf coos

"Awww" they all say

"And I'm not a puppy I'm 16!" I say and cross my arms

"Yes but your wolf is a puppy we are all Alphas we know what a puppy smells like" the pink haired one says

"Where is your mommy or daddy little one?" The black haired one asks

"I dont have one cause I dont need one" I say proudly

"Your pack just left a puppy unsupervised?" The yellow one asked

"I dont have a pack" I say they all look at each other concerning

"We should take him back to our pach plzzzz" I hear the red one say the black haired guy sighed

"Fine" he says they all squealed

"I'm kirishima! This is mina,denki,  and sero what's your name?" Kirishima asks

"Bakugou." I say the smile

"Can you switch to your wolf form it will be easier to get to our pack that way" sero says I look down

"I dont know how to shift.." I say embarrassed

"Hey it's okay little one! We will help you!" Denki says I look up and nod happily

"Okay so just close your eyes and think about being a wolf" he says I listen

"Okay open" he says I open my eyes and I'm a whole lot shorter I look down and see I'm a wolf! But why is my world alot shorter then theirs I look at them and see that they have shifted too

Wow they are huge...

I try walking toward them but I keep falling I actually start to tear up

"Hey it's ok it's your first time ima carry for now but we can teach you how to walk later!" Kiri says and picks me up with his mouth like mom wolves to with their Cubs and starts running

Once we get their he sets me down and we all shift back to normal

"Let's go!"

Part 3 coming soon

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