14. Combined

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A/N: One day earlier than I promised! You would have never thought that would happen right? ;D Well, it's Sauli's POV again. But next time it's Adam's turn again, promise :) So have fun reading and...




That was the point I definitely didn’t want to reach.  I could never introduce her to Adam. She would recognize him at the next parents-teachers meeting and I would be screwed for the rest of my life. Plus, he wasn’t even my boyfriend, so what was the point?

“Earth to Sauli?” I heard a familiar voice saying and I saw hands waving in front of my face. Oh, I was completely lost in my thoughts, I totally forgot about my surroundings.

“Sorry-“ I said and blinked a few times. “-what did you say?” I asked and looked at her again.

“I asked if I could meet him. I mean he obviously makes you happy.” She said and winked. “I mean now that I know I finally understand your weird behavior. You’ve been full of energy the past few weeks and now I finally know why.” She seemed to be so much more comfortable with this situation. If you would compare her behavior now and her behavior an hour ago you wouldn’t believe she was the same woman. I wouldn’t believe it myself if I wasn’t the one she was talking to. And I saw it with my own eyes. But still, it seemed so out of this world for me to be honest. “You’re very much in love, mh?” She asked and swallowed the lump in her throat. It was still pretty weird and new for her but I could see that she at least tried to deal with all of this. It wasn’t going to be easy for the both of us but I knew we could make it. I just hoped that my dad would accept it, too. I’d talk to him later.

I felt how my cheeks turned reddish as I blushed at the words my mum has said. I hadn’t even noticed that yet. I really had more energy, was happier? That’s just what he does to me. It was still weird to accept that I loved my teacher, but the heart wants what it wants right? I couldn’t change it even if I wanted. And to be totally honest, I didn’t want to change anything about my feelings towards him. At the beginning, when my feelings for him started to develop and I didn’t know he would like me too, then I would have loved to change everything.

But it seemed like everything would go right for me at this point.

“According to your reaction, you are. I don’t even need a proper answer to my question.” My mum said and winked at me once more. “Sauli, I still don’t know how things are going to work out. I feel uncomfortable with the thought of you being gay. But I want you to know that I’ll try to not only accept it, but support you.” She said with a small smile and I smiled back. That was, kind of, what I wanted to hear. “I know it didn’t really seem like that yesterday or even thirty minutes ago but that was just because I’m not used to this … situation.” She shrugged. “But then I imagined you being happy with someone and I remember how you’ve changed over the past few weeks, like I said – full of energy.” A few chuckles left her throat at this point. “And I could also imagine you with another man. It was weird, but possible for me. So now I try to be a good mother and support you. No matter who you love.”

“Thank you so much.” I smiled so bright, tears forming in my eyes. That was perfect, I couldn’t be happier. I hugged her tight and squeezed her for a short moment. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

At the beginning of my senior year I wanted it to be as normal as possible. But when I look back on the past few weeks, nothing is normal at all. I’ve fallen for my teacher, I finally told my parents about my sexuality, plus: they even tried to support me. And that was something I would have never thought would happen. I hoped it would, of course.

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