Chapter 58

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It's been a month since we got back and everything's been amazing, I've begun showing so we decided to have the wedding tomorrow, I decided on a simple dress that will hide my bump but it's still beautiful, no one's telling me where the venue is so I gave up asking, Prince came and brought our sister. Malik contacted Ashleigh because she's the closest thing I had to a friend. Alex is over the moon about the whole thing and her happiness is so contagious, today we're getting massages since I need to be as relaxed as possible. 

My feet are being massaged right now and I hear my phone ringing, I see Giovanni face timing me making me smile, I reach for my phone and Alex snatched it making me glare at her, 

"Hey bro," she says picking up

"Why do you have my wife's phone?" he asks

"So I'm chopped liver?" she asks 

"I haven't seen my wife for 2 days now so yes," he says and she scoffs

"Well you can't see her until the wedding it's bad luck," Alex says 

"Does it look like I give a shit?" he asks and Alex hangs up, he calls 3 more times before I grab the phone back from her, and audio call him, 

"Hey babe," I say into the phone

"I miss you," he whines out 

"I miss you too," I laugh out. 

"What you doing?" he asks me 

"I'm at the spa, are you having a bachelor's party?" I ask him and he clears his throat 

"Yeah Malik hosting one at his club for me," he says nervously 

"Let me find out any strippers touch you and I'm burning the club down with you and Malik inside," I say seriously and he laughs nervously 

"Not a chance baby, I can't wait until tomorrow so I can have you to myself again," he says and I smile feeling my cheeks heat up 

"Bye baby I love you," I say

"See you soon my love," he says back. 

"Now back to us," Alex says taking my phone again. I get my toes painted white and get white acrylics. We head back to my apartment for a movie night since I didn't want a bachelorette party. Ashleigh, Olivia, and Prince are in my apartment when we get there, 

"Hey princess," my uncle says as we walk in

"Hey," I say hugging him

"How you feeling?" he asks

"I'm ok," I shrug casually making him laugh 

"SO have you decided?" he asks "Who's walking you down the aisle," 

"Yeah," I say pausing "I want you and Malik to both walk me down the aisle I know it's not the norm but I can't choose, I hope that ok," 

"It's more than ok," he says hugging me and kissing my head

"Ok I'm going to head over to the club and leave you, girls, to it," he says handing me an envelope that says congratulation I look at him and he just smiles walking out. 

I open it and find about $5,000 in cash alone with an old-looking letter I decide to read later. I order us some and we set up with chips, candy, drinks, and pizza on the table. After we're all changed and seated we begin eating, I limit my food not wanting to be bloated tomorrow, 

"Soooo Niyah how you feeling," Ashleigh asks looking at me, Alex and Olivia nod smiling 

"I don't know I'm excited and nervous but at the same time I just want it to be over so I can be with him again," I say staring off and smiling

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