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Interview: ThisIsMeggehhh

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Undiscovered interviewee #1: ThisIsMeggehhh

Name: Meg-Anne Goffin

Gender: Female (*Looks Down* I think)

Age: 15 ¾

Location: England (At school, most definitely bored)

Writer of: Several Ways to Die Trying;

                 Losing My Religion

                 The Girl Who Dreamt of Blood

                 Mine is an Exception

                 Dear Boss

                 Assassin's Greed Mini Saga


                 Fridge Magnets

                 Do I Glow in the Dark Yet?

Wattpad Questions

When and why did you join Wattpad?

August 2010. I just got an iPod touch and I was scrolling through the app store and found Wattpad. I was like 'Oh my god, I should soooooo join' and so I did.

What do you love most about Wattpad?

I love to write. I love seeing what other people think of my writing too and I like supporting new writers.

What is your favourite Wattpad story?

I really like Ninety Nine Percent by justabbye. The author is only eleven but she's better than me on the writing front. Luckily for me, I'm her editor so I get to read it earlier than other Wattys. I made the cover too. The Author is really lovely.

Which of your stories would you recommend to people?

Well it depends on what sort of story people like. My favourite is Several Ways to Die Trying because I think it is written well. I can envision the whole story in my head and it should be really good when it is finished.

Other Questions

Favourite author?

Patrick Ness, simply because the Chaos Walking trilogy is mind blowing.

Do you prefer to write or read?

Write. I let my creativity out when I write but when I read my mind is overcome by all new ideas. :S

How do you go about writing?

I prepare a gallon of coffee and grab my stash of mint and/or menthol chewing gum, put on movie scores (eg. Twilight. The music is great but I'm not a massive fan of the films) and sit for hours and hours. If I'm casually writing, I usually sit in bed, collecting all my ideas in one of my many notepads.

What do you do when you are not writing?

I'm usually at school, preparing for my GCSEs, I need an A in English, a B in Sociology and an A in Maths to get into sixth form and do my A levels. Then I can go and study Creative Writing at university. If I'm not at school and not writing, I am painting my nails with wacky colours and patterns.

Any advice for aspiring authors?

Stick at it. I never used to be any good at writing whatsoever, but I stuck at it. And from that I got a creative writing prize at school, and A in my creative writing coursework and mock exam, and a focus on my future. Writing is my passion, but I can't write very well. I've always been really good at Maths. So I asked English teachers and other people what I could do to make my writing better and they've helped me out immensely. Don't give up because you think you are bad. Remember that hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard.

Do you have a favourite word?

It changes on a daily basis. I like rhapsodise and midwifery.

What's to come from you?

Well my sister is writing a vampire novel and she's asked me to put it on my Wattpad. So that's to come, and more Several Ways to Die Trying, I completed Chapter Three and should be up very soon. J

Any final comments?

Thank you to everyone that has supported me, voted or commented on my stories, and an especially large thank you to NightFeather6 and justabbye.

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