A Very Merry Christmas

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I DO NOT OWN THESE CHARACTERS: J.K.ROWLING OWNS THEM. This is just a fanfic written by a  huge HP fan.

HELLO! Sorry for the delay! I dont normally do this, because I dont actually like this type of thing being done, but i have switched P.O.V halfway through the chapter but ONLY for this chapter and it is clearly marked where it changes. I hope you enjoy! 



      “No way that’s not true!”

      “I’ll bet you my left ear it is!”

      “But you don’t have a left ear!”

      “Exactly.” A punch in the arm and a burst of glee erupted from where George and Ginny were sharing Hogwarts stories. Hermione had thought it would be fun if they share stories from there years at Hogwarts.

      She knew it would bring up George’s spirit, but that it would also remind him of Fred. But that was a good thing, Hermione thought, as he needed to remember and cherish all the fun and crazy times with his lost half.

      “You know what, I actually remember something like that. It was around the time when Ron and I stole all the toilet seats from the girls’ bathroom and Percy nearly caught us!” Harry exclaimed from her left.

      “That was hilarious! The git thought Peeves had done it in the end and ratted on him to McGonagall! From then on Peeves wouldn’t stop irritating Percy.” Ron said from her right. Hermione was squeezed in between her two best friends, soaking up all their warmth. It was a freezing Christmas Eve at the Burrow.

      “That was you two? Do you know what sort of things he did to me?” Hermione snickered as Percy had walked in the room at the wrong part of the conversation, hearing just the right amount to make him angry.

      “Oh yeah we do!” Ginny said with a grin on her face.

      “Like filling your bed with dung bombs, hiding your Head Boy badge in the dead of the night and dumping water on you in random corridors unexpectedly. We definitely know. In fact, Fred and I supplied the Dung bombs for him.” At Fred’s name, George’s smile faltered and his voice cracked a little.

      But that wasn’t the main focus right now. It was the red angry face of Percy Weasley that was getting all the attention in the room. If it wasn’t for Mrs. Weasley’s call for dinner, Hermione was sure George would have had it in for himself. Percy looked so mad he could have blown his top off at any point.

      Ginny stood up and grabbed Hermione’s hand and pulled her away from all the men. She winked at Harry before leading her away from the chaos that was about to erupt.

      “Dad, Bill, Charlie! You may want to go into the lounge and restrain Percy. He is about to kill Harry, George and Ron!” With that, the three men appeared from different doors and raced into the lounge with their sleeves rolled up and their wands out ready.

      When the ruckus started, Hermione and Ginny cracked up laughing. But they were stopped by Mrs. Weasley who scolded them and asked for their help at setting the table. This Christmas Eve, there would only be Hermione, Harry and the Weasley’s. Andromeda and Teddy were coming for Christmas Day but wanted to spend the Eve on their own. Hermione knew it would be an especially hard Christmas for her, having lost her husband, her only daughter and her daughter’s beloved husband. But she was also thankful to still have Teddy as a constant reminder of them. He was like a light at the end of her dark tunnel.

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