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A/n: I'm kind of fucking stupid and put "Pixis" instead of "Shadis" I always get the baldies mixed up, sorry I fixed it now!

Commander Shadis lets you go, soon after Levi left, finalizing a few transfer paperwork. He seemed relieved, after 6 years of training under him, you're finally leaving. Had you not done some things in the past you would've been on a squad for 3 years by now...

Its the morning of your first day, your excitement and nerves making you forget all about... that man. You refuse to ruin the moment, relishing in the fact that your finally over with training.

It can't be that bad, right?

You look around for your cloak, the wings of freedom, signifying your regiment, plastered largely on the back. Shadis gave it to you after Levi agreed to let you on his squad, but you can't seem to find it anywhere. Pulling things left and right out of draws, until you finally find it, your room now cluttered with misalliance things. You bend down to grab a belt off the floor, disregarding the mess. It's not like anyone would see your room, anyways..

"Tch." You turn your head sheepishly, from the pile of clothes on the floor. Leaning on the door frame was Levi. Of course he would be here of all times. Levi (and most of the scout regiment), decided to stay for a couple days to pursaude others in joining. "Disgusting.." Levi eyes your room, scanning over the pile of clothes.

"Ever heard of knocking?"  You try to keep your cool, not wanting him to know how much he gets under your skin.

"No." Short and to the point, that was the man Levi was, never showing any sign of emotion in the way he spoke or carried himself. It's one of the reasons you resent him. It was one of the reasons you envied him. You wish you could turn it all off.. take away the pain, the suffering, the ache in your heart, if only it was that easy.

"Just say why you're here, already." You sigh, picking up the belt. A thought crosses your mind as you slip it on.

I'd let him tie me up.

You freeze for a moment, Levi seems to take note of the movement squinting his eyes at you slightly. You rush to leave the awkward situation, quickly walking past Levi and out the room, leaving him at the door.

What is hell wrong with me? He's a disgusting jerk. Don't let his stupidly handsome face trick you. Oh my god.. please stop already.

Your feet pick up the pace subconsciously. "Hey- where do you think your going, brat? I wasn't done."

"Listen, Levi. Just because your 'my superior', or what ever bull shit you're trying to pull, doesn't mean I'm going to let you run over me."

"It's Captain Levi to you, cadet." Levi snarls "8 AM. Training grounds. You've already got an annoying personality, so don't add to the overflowing list of bad qualities that just can't seem to end, by being late. Don't test my patience, freshie."

Oh.. but that's exactly what I want to do.

"Who the fuck are you calling freshie, shorty? Is your ego far to big to fight a girl, and lose?" You actually have no idea what Levi's capable of.. so picking a fight with him isn't the smartest thing in the world.

However, you do know your own capabilities. Which, in Shadis words is: "..far greater than anyone on Levi's still fairly new squad. If only you would shut up and be less reckless, you'd probably be one of the best soldiers I've had in years."

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