Ch. 43

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Harmony's p.o.v|

Today's another one of the ultrasounds. I'm now 16 weeks pregnant. I'm hopefully gonna find out the sex of the baby. I'm taking Luke with me. My mom couldn't come because she has to work.

Luke and I drive to the clinic. We make our way into the building.

"Good morning, Ms. Hayes."

"Hi, I have an appointment," I tell the woman behind the counter.

"Oh I know, 1 right?" She asked me.


"Okay, go into that room over there. The doctor will be right with you." She points over to a room.

Luke and I walk into the room. I lay down on the table and wait for the doctor. A couple of minutes later the doctor walks in.

"Hi, how's everyone?" The doctor asked.

"Good," I smiled.

"Let's check things out here."

The doctor puts the cold gel on my lower stomach. Then a picture pops up on the screen.

"Ah, there it is!" The doctor tells me.

Luke walks up closer to me and holds my hand. He gazes into the screen and smiles.

"Do you want to know the sex?" The doctor asks.

Luke immediately nods eagerly.

"It's a girl!" The doctor smiles at us.

"Oh my god."

"That's amazing!" Luke said.

I could see a tear fall from his eye. Okay, this is so weird. I would never imagine Luke acting like this because of a sonogram.

"You okay?" I ask him.

"I'm beyond great," he looks at me.

"Good," I grip his hand tighter.

"Everything looks perfect. Come back in a few months for another ultrasound, Ms. Hayes." The doctor told me.

I walk out of the room and leave the clinic. We get in his car. Luke doesn't even put the keys in the ignition, instead he just stares at me.

"What?" I laughed.

"I can't believe it" he said.

I nod my head.

"We're gonna be having our first baby in a couple of months from now" Luke says.

"I know, it's insane. Wait, first baby? What does that mean?" I look over at him.

"It means there will be lots more" he said.

"Oh gosh."

He smiles big at me. He leans in to kiss me. I respond by placing my hand on the back of his neck.

Luke puts the keys in the ignition and drives off. He drives slowly because of the crowd of photographers waiting in the parking lot. Once we get through, we go to his house.

(The 5SOS house)

"Guess what!" I say loudly.

"What is it?" Mikey asked.

"It's a girl!"

"What is?" Cal says sarcastically.

"Oh my god!" Michael and Calum come running over to me.

"Watch the bump!" I laugh happily.

"We're having a girl!" Ashton yells coming downstairs.

"Jesus, you guys act like you're the pregnant ones. So hormonal...." I say.

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