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Now that I think about it, last night was confusing. I'm pretty sure that when you and your husband split up, it's supposed to be for good, and not because the past relationship didn't work out. ***I don't know if this is the true meaning of a midlife crisis, or if she's going through something, but my life was completely altered when she left, and it's not okay for her to just waltz in and think that everything will be perfect again.

"Morning Dad," I said sitting at the kitchen table, while he made breakfast. "Breakfast smells good." Mom being gone, made Dad take more cooking classes, and watching those cooking networks, and that's probably one of the biggest benefits from her leaving us, sweet homemade food.

"Good morning sweetie, how was your sleep?" Dad asked, flipping the pancakes.

"Do you really want me to answer that?" I said, reading the morning paper. "Anyways, what time did Mom leave last night?"

"Oh yeah, Madison, I think you should know that-"

"Morning honey." Mom said, from behind me, in her robe, grabbing her orange juice.

"Mom? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the hotel?" But I got nothing but silence, and exchanged look from my parents. It kinda disgusted me to see my mom in just a night robe, especially since she and Dad are divorced. "Mom, did you sleep here?"

"Okay, I'm leaving." Not getting a response from either one of them, I grabbed my book bag, and left. This was just too much to handle. Not only is Mom having kissing sessions with Dad, but she's sleeping here too.

I saw Cam and the guys walking up to my locker, but then I also Jack, who suddenly dropped all of his book and fell right on his face, how embarrassing, but entertaining, it sure took me out of my funk. Cam, the guys, and everyone else was laughing and pointing, and reminiscing back to when Brooklynn spilled hot cheese on me, I couldn't just let this go by. I quickly ran to his help, helping him with his millions of book he was holding.

"Hey, are you okay? You can't be holding so many books, while walking fast, don't you have a locker?"

"No, my girlfriend is using my locker." He said. I've never heard him talk before, he had a really sweet voice.

"Well what happened to your girlfriend's locker?"

"She's using it. She can be quite the charm." He said sarcastically. "I'm Jack, thanks for helping me."

"I'm Madison, and you're welcome. Don't you sit way in the back in one of my classes, because I'm sure this isn't the first time I've seen you."

"Yeah, but we also met yesterday. You were the girl my girlfriend was yelling at during lunch."

"Yeah, Tess." I noticed I was talking to Jack longer than I should have, because the guys were already at my locker, watching me talk to him. Awkward. "Well, I gotta get going, it was nice talking to you"

"Okay, have a good day, Madison."

Walking up to the guys felt more awkward than it looked. Cam's entire facial expression dropped.

"Hey guys." I said softly.

"Hey Mads, why were you late?" Nash said.

"I walked to school."

"With him? Jack?" Cameron said, eyeing him down.

"No, I was just helping him up, he was carrying his book and didn't have a locker."

"Well, that's upsetting, but you're still not telling me why you walked?"

"I'll explain later." I said shrugging my shoulders.

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