Chapter 1

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Cookie and I were finally going to Paris! It was a dream come true! I just couldn't believe it...
"I'll be back in one month. Can you make it that long without seeing me?" I asked my boyfriend Daniel.
"No. But if your sure about doing this, then I'm not going to stop you." He always agreed with me. No matter what the subject, that's why I loved him. Though... He didn't know that yet.
"Your so awesome!" I said, and let my hand go out of his.
"See you in a month!" I yelled to him as I went to go meet Cookie by the airport door.
"Are you ready for this?" Cookie asked me.
"Yes... Let's go!"
So we took our bags, headed in and boarded our plane. Leaving everything we had behind for one month, not knowing that this was going to be the longest month of our lives.

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