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Mufasa grinned at you all as everyone ascended Pride Rock. As he climbed you could tell how muscular he had truly become from under his fur, and you could just imagine Sarabi fawning over him because of it. His red mane was also silky smooth. "I'm so happy to see you all again! Taka and I have news to tell you too!"

"News?" Sarabi tilted her head, equally as confused as you.

Mufasa sat down at the edge of Pride Rock, the Pridelands a backdrop for him. Taka walked over, taking a seat beside his brother. With them both so still you could clearly see the physical differences. Taka was much skinnier, his shoulders were far more pronounced and he slouched.

"I'm next in line for the throne," The golden price announced, puffing his chest out proudly. "Father said so, not too long after you guys left. He said something about my strength."

You give Taka a worried look, knowing that the odds weren't necessarily fair.

"Well no duh, you're the oldest," Sarafina rolled her eyes.

Taka piped up, "I'm not without a role though. Father made something called the Lion Guard for me, said he contacted the Great Spirits and they agreed to give me a power advantage as long as I only use it for good. Of course I will! So I'm officially your protector."

You're overjoyed, knowing Taka always had a penchant for trying to protect those he loves

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You're overjoyed, knowing Taka always had a penchant for trying to protect those he loves. You run forward and nuzzle into his half-grown mane, giving him a hug. He flushes, Sarafina and Sarabi giving each other knowing glances as you pull back and congratulate Mufasa similarly.

Sarabi walks forward and congratulates the two as well, as does Sarafina. The two boys seemed finally content with their friend group being back together. The other two females turn to Mufasa and ask about his kingly duties, so you turn to Taka and ask what the 'Lion Guard' was.

"We patrol the Pridelands, responding to any problem any of the animals are having," he answers, looking out over the savannah, "So if a baby animal gets stuck in a tree it is our duty to help them. Likewise if it's a severe issue, like rogue lions attacking."

"Sounds like a big responsibility!" You smile, "Is it just you?"

He shakes his head, black mane ruffling, "Nope, I've selectively chosen the Prideland's best for the job."

"So you're not upset that Mufasa got chosen?" You ask, knowing he would've been chosen anyway. Usually the rule is the oldest becomes the heir, unless they are sickly or weak. 

The orange male shrugs a shoulder, "Nah, I personally think I'm doing more this way. And I'm second in line anyway. Hey, I should introduce my Guard to you guys tomorrow!"

"We'd love to meet them!" Sarafina pipes into the conversation, clearly having been listening to your at the same time as Sarabi's. Taka perks up at her agreeing, something you find odd.

A/N: I don't really like using Lion Guard gifs because I intend for this to be visualised in the movie's style, but sometimes they're the only ones with appropriate actions to the story. ALSO I made a poll, please check it out and vote! https://strawpoll.com/ksrjgj4gr

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