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Aahnik, ruk jaa bacha, She said running behind a small child of 6 years.

Mumma mumma pakdo Aahnik ko, the small boy showed his little tongue while giggling and running.....

Thak gyi mumma Aahnik, she said still chasing him around the room.

Mumma aap toh itti jaldi thak gayi, Aahnik ko pakdega kon.....he whispered in his cute voice.

ok so if Aahnik loves me, he will come here in 5, she said closing her eyes and sitting on the couch acting as if she was counting.....

In just 2 seconds she felt him hugging her close to his small form and smacking a wet kiss on her cheeks.

Aahnik, she tried to sound angry but instead laughed on how he was looking at her....

I love you mumma, he whispered.
I love you infinity mera nonna bacha, she said hugging him to her life......


Kya hua princess, he asked sitting besides her who was lost in her own thoughts......

Dadda, a small girl of 6 hugged him and he picked her up caressing her back......

Kya hua Aadia he asked settling himself on the couch with her in his arms.

I'm missing something..... She spoke snuggling more in him

Kya miss kar raha hai mera bacha he asked mimicking her voice.

Dadda.......she whined....
Acha see dadda is sorry....... He said holding his one ear from one hand and her from another.

Dadda...... She spoke softly.....
Ji Dadda ki jaan, he said standing up with her and twirling her around only to witness that dull face turning into a bright giggling face in his arms.

Aadia loves you inna saara Dadda...... She said still laughing.
Dadda loves you more meri jaan..... He whispered still looking at her giggling self.


Shehnaaz Singhania, 26 year old mca in computer science, was not the one who believed in love..... A simple middle class girl whose world revolved around.... Her Aahnik.

Sidharth Srivastav, 30 year old, has persuaded MBA from a well known college in Mumbai, a well known personality in India because of being the only son of Reyaansh Srivastav, loves to keep his life under wraps, hates media attention on the only love of his life...... His Aadia.....

Two opposite yet similar worlds trying to deal with hardships of struggling in this world, keeping a smile on their faces but no one knows them being broken from inside.

Meet these two worlds coinciding due to what we call destiny and falls in what they never wanted to......
LOVE....... Which was just a word for them before they fell for each other......


Feeling helpless and powerless by the power of love is like a drug that they don't sell over the counter.......

"Muskurana tu ki jaise waabasta nhi mere iztiraar se,
Tujhe bhi toh kabhi hui hogi mohabbat vasl-e-intihaan tak kisi se"
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- IZTIRAAR: A tale of finding love in a helpless condition- But will their love reach its destination against those strange norms of the society or will both of them will be left IZTIRAAR in this love- Read more to find out

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- IZTIRAAR: A tale of finding love in a helpless condition
- But will their love reach its destination against those strange norms of the society or will both of them will be left IZTIRAAR in this love
- Read more to find out.

Writer: 𝔸𝕒𝕣𝕒𝕕𝕙𝕪𝕒 𝔸𝕣𝕠𝕣𝕒

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