How are babies made?

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"Jeff?" - Sally

"Yes?" - Jeff

"How are babies made?" - Sally

Jeff chokes and starts coughing.

"I-uhm-uh, ask BEN, he knows better than I do" - Jeff

"OKAY!" - Sally

Sally happily skips off to BEN's room.

"BEN?" - Sally

"Yes?" - BEN

"How are babies made?" - Sally

Ben starts glitching.

"@&$%#€^¶£×\×=£{<[®<'{$:$+&$@#$## ASK SLENDERMAN!" - BEN

BEN disappears.

Sally skips down the stairs towards Slenderman.

"Papa Slendy?" - Sally

"Yes, Sally?" - Slenderman

"How are babies made?" - Sally

Slenderman stays silent for a second.

"When Mama and Papa love each other they kiss and with each kiss they pass a little seed inside each other, those little seeds grow and after a while they become so big, they become babies" -Slenderman

Sally stares at Slenderman with wide eyes and a big smile.

"YAY!" - Sally

Sally skips off to her room and BEN and Jeff come downstairs.

"I'm never having kids" - BEN

"How did you deal with her Slendy?" - Jeff

"I want to die... When she figures out that's not the real answer... Oh God" - Slenderman

A few months later, Sally figured out that wasn't the real answer. She asked everyone in Slendermansion until they all jumped out of windows and dodged her questions.

Sally never figured out how children were made and the entire Slendermansion made a contract to let her figure it out herself.


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