24 ~ Graduating

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Graduation came sooner than I was prepared for. Not that this meant work for this nearly 4 month pregnant chick. (I'm definately over the halfway mark, and bigger than most 5 monthers my size.) No, the last week of school was mostly practicing trying not to trip on stage, and a few bits of extra credit for those who were close to passing, so no one would be left behind if they could help it.

Craziest thing I caught was one of the girls I've been told not to fight sticking her tongue down Nathan's throat.

Now, in the normal course of things, I'd be pissed, and rightly so.

But you have to time shit right--and it has to look the part. I was away from Nathaniel to go to the bathroom because I pee all day. He doesn't let me go alone, but doesn't walk inside, normally. Well, that means I walk out to this chick snogging my mate...and I didn't feel a damn thing until I was opening the door. So that means it was timed literally for my benefit.

Even funnier, Nathaniel's arms were still crossed between them. He hadn't even had time to prove what he would do with his hands by the time I stepped out. Wolves are fast, but I guess he was inattentive, as usual. He's not the one he's worried about being assaulted in hallways.

Yeah, his hands came up, and he pushed her away. Of course he didn't carefully place his hands, so he copped a feel while he tossed her on her ass. He didn't even look at me, trying to gulp in enough oxygen to settle himself down. Nate pointed at her, wagging his finger like he was a grandfather and not a very stressed and horny 18 year old. "If we had been the opposite sexes, everyone would push me into charging your ass with sexual assault, Freya. Stay the fuck away from me. Oh, hey, babe."

Now Nathan isn't much on endearments, and he knows it irritates me to be called babe...but it is a cue of sorts. "She got you all riled up, didn't she?"

Of course, this is when the bitch starts trying to insinuate crap that couldn't have possibly happened. I held up 1 finger, shushed her, and turned to my mate. "Well?"

"Not all...I can walk but..."

Now I put down my hand because I needed to dig in my purse, and miss bitch starts sputtering like a badly tuned lawnmower. I'm still ignoring her, as I rummaged through for my traveling toothbrush and tooth paste. "Nathan, go get that Diesely Tinge out your mouth. I don't want to share spit with this girl."

He took what I offered, nodded his head, and went in the nearest men's room.

That's when I rounded on my would-be rival. "You know that he has refused to let me beat your ass, right?"

That got a smirk out of the girl, like she won something.

I just shook my head, "Look, all you idiots do is increase the number of times that I'm obliged to have sex at school. Do you like pushing him to fuck me all damn day?"

"Sp, he thinks of me while doing it. That's pathetic.'

First, if true, the only person that this is pathetic for is Nathaniel, not me. He's capable of doing as he pleases. And he pleases in not stressing his baby mama out. Perhaps if we didn't have a child on the way, he'd stray more. I don't get to test that for another 3 months--probably even further out. But I doubt it's true. I'm the one who gets to see him freak out becuase of what he's done to himself.

But these girls really don't want to get that grown boys can be terrified of them enough to go against their natural attractions. An erection is no more consent than your clothing was asking for it. Now, most the time in a relationship, couples do give overall consent because its damned annoying to ask "Can I do this? What about this? This?" for hours on end.

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