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Author's Note: You have been warned

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Author's Note: You have been warned. Let the kinky fuckery ensue.

Nevada's P.O.V.

We push our way through the crowded streets of downtown San Francisco, heading in the direction of Bada Bing, named not so discreetly after the fictional strip club from The Sopranos. I hold a joint up to my lips, allowing the smoke to trail behind me as we make our way across the street in the direction of the line that is already lined up outside of the crowded club. My eyes catch the sparkly sash on Peta, who after spending most of the night at a variety of dingy bars for her twenty-first birthday, has determined she wants to finish off at the most notorious sex club in the city. Try as I might to convince her otherwise, the overwhelming amount of free drinks she's received throughout the night have seemed to convince her that this should be our final stop of the evening.

I revel in the feeling of the high overtaking my body as we move to stand in the line, positioning ourselves behind the mixed crowd of people whose eyes trail in our direction as we step into line. I told her not to wear the sash for this exact reason. You look like an easy target. But given she's been sheltered most of her life, I should've expected as much.

We stand stagnant for a few minutes, Peta becoming impatient all too quickly, releasing a frustrated sigh as she peaks around the bodies in front of us.

    "How long do you think we'll be waiting?" She asks with a slur as she leans against the brick wall.

    "Not sure," I answer with a shrug as a cold shiver passes over my skin in response to the chilled city air.

    I look over at Peta, wondering how the fuck she's managing not to freeze to death in her outfit, the alcohol probably explains it. My eyes trail over her little black dress, hugging her in all the right places and making her curves stand out in the best way.

    "Nev, this is ridiculous we can't just wait here all night. Don't they stop letting people in at 1:30? It's already 1:15 I don't think there's any way we'll make it in," she begins, whining a bit in frustration.

"Maybe we should go talk up the bouncer!" She adds on, a hint of excitement in her tone as she realizes she may have just come up with a solution to our problem.

    "Doubt it would do much. This place is usually packed," I say as I throw what's left of the joint onto the ground, stepping on it with the toe of my shoe to snuff it out.

    "Seemed to work for you at the 1975 show," she says with a snarky grin, memories of the night I showed the security guard some rather provocative photos in order to get us backstage flashing through my mind.

    "Considering this bouncer works at a sex club, I'm not so sure it would have the same affect," I say with a laugh as I cross my arms in front of my body.

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