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Jason's POV

The wedding was in two days and Cassie had been making such a big deal over it the past week.

I could feel myself growing apart from her, losing all the feelings that I had before I met Jess.

I needed to tell her.

"How does this dress look on me?" Cassie smiled, stepping out from behind the door in a revealing hot pink dress which clung to the curves of her body perfectly.

The desire Cassie and I shared was strong but I wasn't in love with her anymore.

You'd probably call me stupid for wanting to break up with the hottest girl in school but I was starting to fall for Jess.

Even though I only started talking to her a few weeks ago, I felt a connection between us.

"Looks great, babe." I muttered.

"what's wrong now?" Cassie asked, annoyed and threw her hands up in the air.

I sat at the end of her bed and didn't say a word.

Cassie stepped forward, and sat on my lap putting her arms around my neck.

"tell me?" She purred, kissing my neck.

"We need to talk." I say, pushing her away from me.

Cassie quickly got off of me, "no we don't." She hissed.

"cass, I really don't want to say this but-"

"Then don't!" She cut me off.

"Things aren't working out between us." I carried on.

I could see the tears starting to form in her eyes.

"Cass?" I whispered.

"Its not you, it's-"

"You?" She cut me off again.

"Oh it's definitely you!" She finished her sentence.

Her voice shaky, tears started streaming down her face.

I'd never seen her this hurt before, "Cassie, I'm sorry." Was all I could say.

I felt bad for causing her this pain.

"why?" She cried.

"It's just not working out. I'm so sorry cass." I whispered.

"There's another girl isn't there?" She demanded.

I was shocked at first but she could read it all over my face.

"N-No." I stuttered.

"yes there is Jason. I can tell when you're lying" she carried on crying.

"Cassie, I swear there's no other girl." I lied through my teeth.

"get out!" She screamed as she fell to the floor, she rested her head down on her knees and didn't look at me.

"Cass..." I trailed off.

"go." She sniffed.

Then I left her house.


Jess's POV

The wedding was finally here and to be honest. I was excited.

I was just finishing up my makeup I went for a natural look and topped it off with berry lip gloss.

When I was done I slipped on the strapless, lilac dress that stopped just before my knees. It clung to the curves which I thought I had and I put on a pair of 4inch heels.

I didn't need a jacket because it was hot out today. Skylar had been very vague about where the wedding was but it would probably be outdoors, considering the great weather we had been blessed with.

I grabbed a small purse and filled it with berry lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara, money and my cell phone.

I quickly sprayed my favourite perfume, red door revealed by Elizabeth Arden onto me and I was ready.

I texted Cassie a few hours earlier assuming that she was going with Jason but I got no reply.

I met skylar at the front door and his dark hair was in a combover, he was wearing a crisp black suit and he smelt of mint.

He pulled me in for what I thought would be an awkward hug, which actually wasn't and he kissed me on the cheek. His lips were soft and I could feel his warm breath on my face.

"Ready?" He asked, looking me up and down.

I nodded and he took me to the car.


"Hi skylar, nice too finally see you after all these years." An old lady with grey hair smiled at him.

"hi grandma." He mumbled.

I laughed at the irritation in his voice.

Everything seemed to be going fine, the wedding ceremony was over and it was time for the reception. I stayed with skylar the whole time and just as I guessed, the wedding was held in a beautiful botanical gardens.

It seemed like today was finally going to be a perfect day, until I saw him.

Jason. But there was no Cassie.

He stepped towards skylar and I in a navy blue suit, a few buttons at the top were undone which showed off his chest muscles.

It was suddenly becoming very hot.

"Hi skylar, Jess. Didn't know you were coming?" He cocked his head, looking at me.

"Skylar invited me." I batted my eyelashes, trying to make him jealous but somehow he looked sad.

"Well I'll see you guys around then." He said, turning around and walking off into the crowd of people walking towards the reception.

AN- sorry, I think this chapter is crap. It's really rushed but I just wanted to upload something (: hehe... I wasn't very good at the break up part~SORRY :o please keep reading and voting! Thanks, Tatum <3

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