Story 2: Neighbours to the Rescue: Gratefulness and Appreciation

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This happened on the first day of PMR 2015. My father was working overtime and my mother went out to fetch my sister from school. So it was a quiet evening at home with only me and my grandma. I would usually chat with my grandma during these free times but since I had an English examination the next day I continued to study my literature.

I got bored halfway and went to check on my grandma. In the evenings, it is a habit of her to catch up on her dramas. I made a joke on how she could get blind on the amount of tv shows she watches. Usually she gives me a sarcastic answer back but this time she paid no attention to me. Thinking that she was not in the mood, I went closer to her and nudged her on the shoulder just to disturb her (Yes, I have a very close relationship with her).

She did not give any reaction to whatever I was doing. I then noticed how her eyes kept moving up and down repetitively. She had dark blue heavy circles under her eyes. It finally dawned on me that something was not right. She was not acting and looking at her usual self. I got really scared and started tapping her on her shoulders frantically while asking if she's in pain and if she's ok. Instead of responding to me, she started crying heavily.

I started shouting for help frantically. At that time, my phone was dead and we had no house phone so I could not call the hospital. Hearing my cries, a few of my neighbours started knocking on my door loudly. Now, about my relationship with my neighbours; we never talked before and never acknowledged each other's existence. But during those frantic times, all awkwardness vanished and they were so focused on helping me.

I led them to grandma and told them how she was not responding and knew that she was in pain. My neighbour, Uncle Loh, proceeded to call the ambulance while his wife kept using towels to wipe the sweat that was already beading down my grandma's face. Another neighbour, Uncle Kim, went to the guardhouse to wait for the ambulance so that he could direct it to our house. His family kept reassuring me that it was going to be okay and that the ambulance would arrive soon. They gave me their phones to call my parents and update them on this matter.

The ambulance finally arrived. Uncle Loh followed me to the hospital as he did not want me to be alone. It turned out that my grandma had a mini stroke and the doctor said we were lucky we brought her on time or her situation could have gotten worse.

Up till this day, my family is forever grateful to our neighbours despite being different races. We now share a close bond and will always celebrate festivities and even birthdays together. I thank God everyday for their existence now.

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