Chapter 3

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And now I finally found out that there's something between Vhong And Anne. I decided to have a plan. I go to vhong's room to check him but He's not there. I walk down to the living room and saw him. He's sitting on the couch and watching TV I get the rope and my pepper spray in the garage I think this is the start of my big revenge.

"Hi honey!" I said to him.

"Andyan ka na pala Hi hon."

I kiss him passionately. Our kiss goes deeper he's starting to take off of his clothes. I look him I get my pepper spray in my pocket then started to spray it into his eyes. He suddenly fall asleep. I get the rope and tie his arms.

After an hour I saw him slowly opening his eyes, and taking a look from the room and then he suddenly saw me.

"Hon, what did you do to me? Pakawalan moko"

"Why don't we just play a game honey, Like what you did to me!" I answer him while sipping my cigarette.

"What? Hindi kita maintindihan." He answered. 

"I saw your phone a while ago!! You didnt tell me about this and the fucking worse is ung bestfriend ko pa! Well, Anyway let's just continue our game I don't wanna talk about it." 

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