Choking Death

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Every girl has her problems,

And some don't know how to cope,

But then you get girls like her,

Who have lost all sense of hope.

For Sarah has a problem,

A problem she can't hide,

Because it is quite obvious,

When your ribs show in your stride.

But binge, she cannot stop,

It's a habit in her brain,

The longer she goes without it,

The more that she will gain.

She would play with her own food,

But never get some down,

For how can she get bigger,

When she is talk of the town.

The reflection in the mirror,

Shows all the bones and skin,

She pinches at her stomach,

Where muscle would have been.

Her hair's fragile and bland,

Her smiles no longer shine,

But this is just the beginning,

Of all the classic signs.

But Sarah doesn't care,

All she wants is to be thin,

But what she's doing now,

Is an actual sin.

It was on a Thursday night,

That Sarah lost her life,

But it wasn't with a gun,

Nor a pocket knife.

What she did was an accident,

Something done time and time again,

She choked on her own vomit,

While her sleep made her give in.

See, Sarah had a problem,

A problem with her weight,

But Sarah was a sick girl,

Because she never ate.

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