Chapter 8

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 After a year

         The summer vacation of the kids are finished and the Rainy season had come. Khyle and Shylie are now ready to go to school, they were just waiting for their parents who are not yet done preparing theirselves. Shylie and Khyle were preety excited especially Shylie who will be having her first day at school today. After some few minutes Khylie and Bryle went down.

       "Are you kids ready?" Bryle asked to the two kids who's patiently waiting for them, "Yes Daddy I'm excited but I feel a little bit nervous, because what if my classmates doesn't like me or my teachers" Shylie said feeling a bit sad "Hey my princess don't ever think that people wouldn't like you, because you are a special girl your smart, kind and beautiful like your Mom" Bryle said to cheer up Shylie, "Really Daddy you think they'll like me?" Shylie said, "Yes i'm a hundred percent sure, so come give Mommy and Daddy a hug" Bryle said as he spread his arms wide open, "Hey what about me" Khyle said acting that he was jealous, "Of course you'll hug Mommy and Daddy too" Khylie said with a chukle, and all of them chuckled, "Okay, that's enough let's get going now, so you wouldn't be late for your first day of school" Khylie said, and so they left.

       "Bye Mommy! Bye Daddy!" Khyle and Shylie said in unison, "Bye! Be good okay, and Khyle take care of your little sister okay" Khylie said, and Khyle nod. 

         For the three months that passed Khylie never told Bryle about her situation. More of Khylie was indenial with her illness, sometimes she doesn't drink her medicines, she's just taking it when her chess really hurts, and she's kinda stressed out too because she'll be opening a new branch of her flower shop. "The kids are groing up so fast aren't they?" Bryle asked just to break the silence between the two of them, "Yes they are" Khylie nodded in agreement. "Hey Khylie I've notice that you've been spacing out for the past weeks is there something bothering you?" Bryle asked.

       'Yes there is, how can I tell you about my situation, now that everything's perfect according to what we wanted it to be' Khylie wanted to say, but instead she said "I'm fine, I'm just stressed out because I have a lot of things to do for our secong branch", "Why don't you take a day off this weekend so we could go out wth the kids let's visit Subic again, because I didn't made the promise, I promised to you Three Months ago" Bryle suggested, "Okay!" Khylie said, and she became happy again, Bryle really know how to make me happy Khylie said to herself.

       "Bye Hon I'll pick you up by 7" Bryle said before he drove off, "Bye" Khylie whisperd in the air for her it has a double meaning. "Good Morning Ma'am!" greeted Josephine after Khylie entered the shop, Khylie just nod and went to her office. "What's wrong with Ma'am Khylie she's not like that before right? 'cause Ma'am Khylie is a jolly and happy person" one of the employee whispered to the other employee, but then they just shrugged it off and continued their work. 

        Khylie was thinking about her check up with Dr. Santos the other week...

Khylie was fixing her stuffs so she could go to her shop early,  when suddenly she felt her chess tightening, she immediately took her medicine kit rom her bag to get her medicines for her HCM, after a while the pain that she was feeling a while ago was gone. But just after an hour and a quarter her chess starts to tighten up again, so she went to Dra.Santos to get check up.

She stayed at the hospital for a while again so she could get the results of the Echocardiogram and ECG she took an hour ago. After five hours of waiting the door opened and Dra.Santos appeared with a tablet in her hand. 

"Mrs. Collins have you been drinking your medicines regularly?" Dra.Santos asked with a straight face, "Uhmm... No 'cause I can still accept my situation, but when my chess hurts I took them" Khylie answered and bit her lower lip. Dra.Santos shooked her head and showed Khylie the photo of the Echocardiogram and ECG results "I'll get straight to you Khylie, the muscle of your heart is much thicker than the last time we checked you and that was a long time ago" Dra. Santos said looking worried for, "I'm going to recomend you to drink your medicines twice and remember to drink it daily okay and if it still doesn't work then will get you into a surgic treatment" Dra.Santos explained,  "Khylie can I ask, does your family knows about your situation?" Dra. Santos asked, "Nope only my best friend knew about my situation" Khylie said, "You should tell them, so maybe they can help you understand your situation" Dra. Santos, "I'll try" Khylie whispered, "Look Khylie I want to remind you that if you keep on skipping your medicines,  you could die in just a year in a half from now" Dra. Santos said before she left and Khylie was left there trying to stop her tears.

She's scared she doesn't want to die that early, she still wanted to see her children walking in the aisle with their true love. She's scared because everythings perfect now between their family they live happily now, so she couldn't stand a chance seeing her love ones cry just because of her illness.

      Khylie's thinking was bothered when someone knocked in the door, "Who's that" Khylie asked, "Ma'am, It's me Josephine, Ms. Sophia left you an invitation card for her wedding next next month" Josephine said, "Okay come in' Khylie said, and Josephine opened the door, "Ma'wm where shouls I leave the invition?" Josephine asked, "Just leave it here" Khylie said pointing to her drawer near the door, "Okay ma'am" Josephine said and she did what her boss told her to do after that she left and Khylie just continued what she was doing a while ago.

       Khylie didn't notice the time, it was quarter to 7 already, she was too busy with her paper works that she forget the time and skipped her lunch. "Uhmm, Ma'am Khylie I brought you some cake and a cup of coffee" Josephine said knowing that her boss hadn't eaten lunch and she didn't even went out of her office, "Okay come in. Just leave it at the coffee table and I'll eat it, later after I finish this" Khylie said with a gentle smile, and Josephine did what Khylie asked her to do and after that she left.

         After some quite time Khylie was finish with all her paper works so she imme-diately went to her coffee table and started eating her Black forest cake. While Khylie was eating someone knocked, "Come in!" she said, "Hon I brought you some food" Bryle said showing her the food he bought. "Is it my favorite?" Khylie asked lik a kid, "Yes!" Bryle said and sterted removing the food from the paper bag. They were eating silently. I couldn't take it anymore, Bryle said to hisself so he broke the silence, "Khylie can we talk?", Khylie nodded, "Yeah sure about what?".

       Bryle took something from his pocket when he got the thing that's beeb bothering him just a while ago "About this" Bryle said and he showed the results of Khylie's Echocardiogram and ECG, "Khylie what is this" Bryle said trying not  to shout at Khylie. Khylie didn't know what toanswer she was terrified on what can happen "It''s.., the results of my Echocardiogram and ECG" Khylie said a bit nervous, "When did you took this lab test, and don't you dare lie to me" Bryle asked and stood up he's still trying to keep his temper but he just couldn't, "The day after the check up that I'm with you, Bryle believe me I didn't wanted to lie, I just can't find the right time" Khylie said as tears started to fall on her chheks.

       When Bryle notice that Khylie was crying he went to Khylie, he sat down beside her, he put Khylie's head in to his shoulders and he hugged Khylie to comfort her, "Shhh.., Khylie I'm sorry if I shouted at you I didn't mean it" Bryle said just to make Khylie calm, they stayed at that position for a while befor Bryle spoke "So Khylie what's your illness?" Bryle asked, "HCM, the doctor said it was curable before but now I have a tricky situation because I stopped drinking my medicines regularly" Khylie said, "What do you mean?' Bryle asked, 


        "I mean I have a fifty chance of surviving fifty chance of not 'cause if the medicine treatment doesn't work the I'll go into a surgic treatment but if the surgic treatment can't really cure me then it's up to my will to fight or not' Khylie explaine, "But you'll fight right for our children, for our friends, for me and or our family" Bryle said, "I will!" Khylie exclaimed, "I'll fight for our children, I'll fight for our friends, I'll fight for you and I'll fight for our family" Khylie continued and hugged Bryle.

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