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UPDATED A/N: i know the category is HUMOR but this book is nowhere near hilarious. this is the most depressing and, well just not funny. the reason why it's in HUMOR category is that it's the freaking Rank, i don't know whats happening why it's ranking so freaking high.. just that. dunno what else to say but read at YOUR OWN RISK!

I love you! And if you are looking for something funny and proceed to read this and then just scowl at me then comment how not funny this is... i am so sorry. ahahaha it's the rank people gotta care about that. :) ily tho.

Just a clarification, when i wrote this i had no idea i certain book by Shiela B. The Teddybear agreement exist on here, and the story is nowhere near close to it :) i read the book now, and it's freaking awesome. And no, this is not inspired from that book either.




Maxie Foreman

A tickling vibration erupted inside my jean pocket causing me to let out a silent giggle.

I'm very ticklish, I know.

Holding in my laugh I decided to pull out the source, my cellphone, discreetly of course; I don't want to get caught by my teacher.

As I successfully accomplished pulling out my phone without getting caught, I hurriedly put it in between my textbook and I, so to anyone else it looks like I'm reading when in reality, I'm on my phone.

A frown made its way to my freckled forehead as I read I had a message from an unknown number.

'Is this Ms.Maxie Foreman?'

I hummed, pursing my lips together. I have two numbers and this is my private number, only the most important people in my life know it.

My other number is the one where my clients usually text me, and even then I have all their numbers saved to my phone.

I wonder who this could be?

Only one way to find out, I decide subconsciously. After looking around to see if someone is looking, I surreptitiously replied.

'Um yes, may I know who this is?'

Not a minute after the text was sent, my phone vibrated once again.

'This is Sharon, I got your number from Dr. Hemmings. I need to speak with you, personally if that's okay? I need a massive favour.'

The text read. My frown deepened. Dr. Hemmings is one of the people who know my private number.

She's the psychiatrist I work with, most of my clients are recommended by her. This must be important.

I decided to reply with affirmation asking where and when the meeting is to be held and the reason behind it.

The reply didn't take long once again.

'Thank you for your consideration, please meet me at the City Garden Cafe around 5:00 pm.

Well the meeting's scheduled then.

_________________• . •___________________

A/N: Hey guys! New story! This is my entry to the #NoMoreBullying movement.

As we all know, In many ways, cyber bullying can be worse, more harmful, and harder to stop than traditional bullying. It can happen during or outside of school hours, and it is less visible to school officials. Images and messages can be quickly distributed by cyber bullies to a wide audience. Additionally, cyber bullying can often be perpetrated by an anonymous offender, making it difficult to pinpoint the origin and stop it. Specially to us writers.

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