Chapter 1

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Timmy McKenzie

"Nadia's being such a clingy bitch, like, I don't get it," Curt continues saying as he comes out of the bathroom wearing just his boxers with a towel around his neck. "Like she wants to talk before we go to bed at night, be the first to say goodmorning to each other every morning, dress alike and now even drive off to school together?" He looks at me like I'm supposed to be sharing the same amount to disbelief he's feeling and I widen my eyes a bit to humor him before looking back down at my collage book— I can't call it an album yet since it's kinda small and I have different ones. "Like what the hell?"

"I think," I start saying, speaking for the first time since he started rambling about his girlfriend at the bathroom. "That's what girlfriend and boyfriend do all the time."

"No, no," he shook his head, looking at my reflection on the mirror from where I was lying tummy down on his bed. "I dated tons of girls and they are not like this."

I do a half shrug, "different girls, different relationship behaviors."

He stops midway from entering into his walk-in wardrobe, turning to me with a confused frown. "So you don't agree she's clingy?"

"Oh, she's definitely clingy," I agree, nodding my head. "Driving to school together, pfft."

"I know," Curt yells before walking out of his wardrobe with our school uniform draped around his shoulders now. "She knows I don't do that. What going to happen to you when I do? I only let you into my car."

I just shrug, pretending the double flip my heart did didn't happen. I know that and I've heard him say it before, the reaction of my heart never gets old. I pull myself up, so I'm sitting on the bed, "so, just talk to her and solve the issue, that should work, right?"

"Um, no," he turns to me, now half dressed and buttoning his shirt. "Doesn't work, she just talks and talks and then we fuck. Oh, the other day, she wanted to do it without a condom?"

"Do what?" I ask, eye wide in alarm but refusing to believe it was what I thought.

He laughs, "damn, I so forgot to tell you, it was so hilarious. She was kinda begging for it... raw."

I jump off the bed, "what did you then do?"

He stopped, "isn't it 'what did you do then?'"

I wave him off, "answer."

"Of course I didn't do it," he is done dressing and is now running a brush through his hair. "I got turned off that she was asking even. We didn't do it that time anymore. Nadia is like my worst girlfriend, I'm tired of girlfriends."

I chuckle, dumping my collage book into my bag and walking up to him. "Tired of girlfriends? So you're going to boyfriends now?"

He wiggles his brows at me, "what do you say? I'd do great right?"

I shake my head, my hand finding his messed up tie around his neck. No matter how many lessons, Curt never learns how to tie his tie properly. "No, you would not, not when you're as straight as a pole."

"But if I wasn't..."

I fix the tie and looked into his hazel-gold eyes. The answer is right there, staring back at me. Even if it was true or not, to me, Curtis would do great in anything, including being a boyfriend. "Nope, not seeing it."

He chuckles, grabbing his bag as we walk out his room. "Whatever, I'm awesome in everything."

"I think your exes would disagree," I tell him, coming down to the empty living room and kitchen. It is the usual, the Salazar's were never here when we left or when we came back. The latter however except his junior siblings who hide out in their rooms all day anyway.

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