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"Oh shittt" I start to giggle a little "YOU DID IT" I shout like a proud mom giving him a small hug "you did what was right. Ok? Go get some sleep you'll run Babel from now on. And make sure you do it right or you'll end up like him. Me and Vin will clean up the mess "

I give him a small smile before leading him out I deep sigh returning my attention the the blood bath behind me "aish why did he have to splatter his blood all over it'll take forever to get out" I frown Vincenzo walks toward me and lifting my chin kissing me slowly pulling away "Don't worry together will be done in no time" he gives me a small smile
he really does have the softest spot for me and so do I.

We grab cleaning supplies cleaning up the wall in the room every swipe getting rid of the crime scene we drove to a hidden mountain digging his body were it'll never be found. Finally going back home around 3am I run into home dramatically taking off my clothing to be fair it was a tough day.

I kick off my heels going into my closet grabbing my oversized hoodie jumping into our bed smiling widely nothing could help me more then sleep. Vincenzo smiling at my cuteness kneeling down to towards the bed giving me a quick peck before removing the rest of his clothing only left in his white t shirt and boxers crawling into bed with me grabbing my small body big spooning me. His head resting on my neck his cold hand tracing up and down my thigh and waist sending goosebumps throughout my entire body his other hand cupping my left breast kissing my neck slowly "I love you" he says in a low tone I turn my body facing him giving him a small peck on his lips smiling like a fool
"I love you too" we both slowly fall asleep in each other arms wish we could stay like this forever

(A/N sorry this is short forgive me please please lol ALSO OMG!? 5K ??! WHAT LITERALLY OMG IT MAKES ME SO SO HAPPY you guys like my crappy story thanks to everyone who voted and read this story thank you so so much I'll try to update as much as I can! <3
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