[ 16 - Betrayal ]

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"So chat," I greet them, turning on my face cam and waving a little at the tens of thousands of people who had turned into my stream. I grin a little as my eyes scan over the donos and gifted subs which as coming through and tap on my desk, realizing that I probably won't be able to read them off today. Or at least until later, after we win the election. "You know what it is, it's Election Day baby!" I tell them happily and see my chat fill up with the emote of the L'manberg flag in support. "I better see that you all voted for Pog." I tell them all with a small laugh and see a lot of people saying that they did before moving the mic closer to myself with a small grin. "Or at least Coconut if not." I say and see some of the people in my chat laughing at the fact that I never really stopped supporting Niki and Fundy. I knew that Tommy and Will knew that I supported them but they were both happy with saying that I was mostly on their side. "Anyways, let's rejoin, yes," I laugh a little when I see people calling me out for being on the other two's streams right before I had greeted my chat. "I see you guys who have come from Will and Tommy's streams and know I was just in a call with them," I grin as I see them saying that they were either watching this stream or have the other stream running in the background. "Let's go back to them though." I smile and undeafen so I can talk to the two of them.

"Blake," Will says my name as soon as I join the call again. I give my camera a smile and watch as it speeds up by at least ten. I guess the notification finally sent out for real.

"Don't listen to him!" Tommy loudly yells over whatever Will was about to tell me. I can't help but laugh a little as the two start arguing with each other almost immediately. I glance over at my camera with a small amused look because this happens all of the time.

"Blakely," Will says over my brother and I laugh a little under my breath at whatever the two of them are fighting over.

"What have I rejoined too?" I ask with a little laugh and the two immediately start shouting at each other again. I glance over at my chat and see that they are laughing at how

"Tommy," Will says louder and Tommy huffs after a second and I see him go on to mute to talk to his chat. "He is trying to get me to tell him the election results." He tells me and I grin a little, I didn't know that the results were in but it made sense because the voting had closed a few hours ago.

"I would also like to know the,"

"No." Will cuts me off with an amused laugh and I can't help but giggle, covering my face with my hands. "I'm not going to be telling either of you." He says and Tommy comes off of mute just to hear him say that. I laugh as he starts shouting none sense, knowing that this was going to go into one of the many complications on YouTube where it's just the three of us arguing and messing with each other about random things.

"Betrayal." I say through laughs and make my way back to L'manberg where Tommy and Will have their characters in the caravan which had so much history. "Anyways," I say and shift my character in front of them which makes them both look over at my character who was dressed in the netherite armor which I had worked to gather up. I huff a little and take the armor off quickly because of L'manberg's rules which were made during the war. "Let's get back to the stage." I suggest and the two start bickering again but we start walking in the proper direction to see the stage which Tubbo and the others had spent a ton of time building and making look nice. "I already talked to Schlatt and Quackity." I inform them and both of their characters look at mine.

"And you say that I betrayed you!" Will says but he laughs a little, letting me know that he actually doesn't care. We are all friends, just messing around and following the vague script which Will had set up for us.

"Shush," I say through laugh and Tommy goes on mute again which makes us both break into more laughter. "They think they are going to win the election." I tell Will as we near the stage and see the other parties standing up there and talking with themselves.

"Are you coming on to the stage?" Will asks after we joke around for a few more minutes and Tommy comes off of mute. I know Tubbo had helped out a lot but he was going to be staying on the ground so I was thinking about doing the same, letting my brother and Will take the spotlight for a bit.

"Mmm," I hum and look over to my chat to see that they all want me to go but shake my head nonetheless. "No, I don't think so." I tell the two boys and mover to make it look like I was sitting in one of the chairs looking up at the stage which was proudly decorated in the L'manberg colors.

"Ok then," Tommy says and I watch as his character goes up the stage.

"Aw," Will says and I laugh a little at how he was reacting to me not wanting to and hang out on the stage with them. "Ok." He tells me and I say bye before switching to a call with the other guys who weren't in any of the running parties.

The stream passes and I watch as the election happens with the others, no one having any idea what was supposed to win or lose. We all just listened to the speeches which were given and after about thirty minutes we were given the results which was not at all what any of us had expected. At all. And the follow up isn't what any of us thought would happen and I didn't exactly know what to expect when Will and Tommy were chased out of their country. Then it was Schlatt calling both Tubbo and me up to the stage and giving the two of us jobs on the staff that he was creating because he knew that we were both close to Tommy and Will.

"So, uh," I say as I join their call after having a talk with Schlatt and then my chat. I shift a little in my chair, ignoring my chat who were telling me to follow after them and help them. I knew I couldn't because that wasn't part of the script plus canonically it would be problematic if Schlatt found out I had run away with the two of them. "You," I stop to correct myself. "We kind of lost."

"For gods sake Blake," Will says sounding more then stressed and I had almost forgotten how good he was at acting as I sunk back into my chair, not exactly great at conflict, "I know." He adds, his voice slightly not as mean as he noticed I had shifted a little in my spot, seeing my chat freak out of the corner of my eye.

"Schlatt literally put you on his team," Tommy says angrily and I know that he is frustrated about Tubbo calling Schlatt Mr President after he had been told to hunt the now ex president and ex vice president. "How are you here?" He asks in confusion and I sigh a little, leaning into the character which Will had formed.

"I'm moving to L'manberg." I tell the two boys and see my chat speed up as they were angry that Schlatt had told me to move. They liked me living in the house which Niki and I had created and Will had helped me fix a few too many times after blowing it up with creepers by accident. There was also the trap which Tommy had tried to put in my house but Tubbo had spoiled, saving me and everything in my inventory at the time. "They took the walls down." I add quickly, not sure if they had seen the walls which had protected them during the first war being taken down.

"We saw." Will tells me and I hum a little, silently wondering how he and Tommy had reacted and where they had run too. I know that Punz and the others weren't able to catch them, thankfully, but still. "What about your house?" He asks and I look at the building in front of me which was made from mainly wood and some stone as well.

"Threatened to burn it down." I tell them and I know that they both understand somewhat as I had put time into the build with Niki and both of them. I mean, even Dream had helped me after I ran out of a certain type of wood, bringing it to me and also attempting to help me build a fish tank which was a rather fun stream even though he was technically my little brother's enemy. I shrug a little because it wouldn't be that bad living in the country because things wouldn't get much worse after they took the walls down. As I think that I turn my character and can just see the L'manberg flag burning in the distance.

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