[ 14 - Offer ]

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"So," Will's Minecraft character turns to me and I press shift. Him and Tommy were in the slow process of showing me around the server for the first official time while all three of us were steaming. I have been on the server for a couple days now and have met a bunch of nice people but am still in the process of catching up on everything and all of the builds. I had also met with the other L'manbergians who had their Minecraft characters wearing the same uniform as each other which was rather cute and I liked it. I had been offered one but since I am not part of L'manberg quite yet I said no for now. "Blake, you're going to sponsor us, right?" He asks me as we come to a stop in front of what I know to be both L'manberg's embassy and also Tommy's house on the server.

"Says who?" I challenge him with a little laugh before looking over to see what my chat was talking about at the moment. They were really happy with me streaming the server which I also happened to really like so I was fine with playing it. Plus it meant that I got to hang out with Tommy and Will some more.

"Well," Will says as if he hadn't expected that answer from me and I look back to my main monitor with a small playful grin across my face as Tommy's character starts to farm his carrots with Tubbo joining us. He had been in the vc but working on a few things while just talking to us during the tour. "You're kind of Tommy's sibling." He reasons and I can't help but laugh a little, eating some of the steak which I had gotten from Dream when I joined a few days before. I had gotten it because he had killed me like six times while I was trying to explore with Niki and chat and had apologized via a book and steak.

"Niki gave me a pretty good offer," I tell Will and my chat agreed because it was a rather good deal for the both of us. My chat agrees that it is a rather good deal as well because it meant that they would get more content with both Niki and myself. And we could always drag Tommy and Tubbo into it in the most loving way possible.

"We can give you a better one." Tubbo tells me and I turn to face his character. I look into my in game inventory and see that I have some bones from fighting the skeletons which had been near L'manberg and turn them into bone meal so I can grow flowers on Tommy's front lawn to make it look nicer.

"Shush Tubbo." Tommy says, hitting Tubbo's character away from mine.

"Maybe be nicer to Tubbo." I say hitting my little brother's character who is wearing no armor before giving Tubbo some of the steak to heal up. He holds a sword in his characters hand so I do the same which makes him put it away.

"Don't worry Will," Tommy says, knowing that he won't win me over to their side as I spend so much time talking to Niki now. We almost talk as much as Tubbo and Tommy do which our audiences love but Tommy hates because it means I haven't been bothering him as much which is really sweet. Niki also stays on call with me as I try to sort through some of the law stuff I'm doing and has started to introduce me to some of the other people on the server. "We have Schlatt!" He adds happily and I know he is so excited over that, he idolized Schlatt so seeing that the two of them would be role playing in the server together was something I was really happy for him about.

"What did Niki offer you?" Will asks ignoring my little brother, his character still looking at mine and I grin a little at how much more insistent he is on wanting me on the L'manberg or Pog side of the upcoming election.

"What are you offering?" I throw back, not wanting to tell him what she was offering me and hoping that the chat wasn't giving it away to him. He shifts in front of me as well and we stay like that with the two other boys hitting him each other which is causing Tommy to shout and Tubbo to laugh.

"Ten times whatever Niki offered." Will tells me confidently and I give a little grin to my chat.

"Deal." I tell him with a smile growing across my face and I watch as my chat celebrates. I know that they were extremely excited about the stream which I would be doing with Niki, which I will probably still do as there was so much hype about it, but they seemed even more excited about the news of me doing it with Wilbur and the fact that I was teaming with Tommy and him. "You better start baking cake Mr President." I laugh a little and my chat spams some more as a message comes through on my Discord from Niki. I respond with a small giggle, typing up a response and telling her that I will still fly out to visit her so we could do a real live stream together.

"In game or," Will trails off and I grin a little, sitting back in my chair at the idea of baking a cake with Wilbur Soot.

"Both." I tell him with a small laugh and I watch as he goes on mute which only causes Tommy, Tubbo and me to laugh even harder. After a few minutes he comes off of mute we spend the rest of the stream making cakes and messing around.

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