[ 13 - President ]

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"So," I hum a little, pulling my legs up to my chest as I spin in my black and yellow gaming chair which I had just finished putting together earlier in the twenty four hour stream. Tommy and Tubbo had decided to join me as we were only on hour four or five. It was already getting boring and I was in the process of trying to find a new game to play during the time while being on Just Chatting with the two younger boys talking away. I know that they had both played on some server and right after that I had decided to start my stream so they could raid me and talk at the same time. "What is the Dream SMP?" I ask as I read a few messages that come into my chat. I smile as my numbers continue to climb and I see people start to connect the dots which makes me laugh a little but I continue to spin on my chair.

"Oh no," Tommy says and I laugh a little as he groans at the servers name. I know he really loves it but there are also times that it can get overwhelming from the numbers of people who have been tuning in recently. His numbers are climbing rather quickly much like mine are and I'm so proud of him. He deserves it.

"It's a role play server," Tubbo tells me happily and I know that he is also on the server. I have heard that a few other big creators were on the server which was blowing up online but I don't exactly keep up with what is going on there. I didn't even know it was a role playing server so I make a small face, trying to think of how that would exactly work.

"Oh?" I hum a little as I see people freaking out and spamming about it which causes my mods to start having to time people out. I give the camera a small smile and switch it so the people watching can see all three of us as we are all at our PCs still and making it so we are still in Just Chatting. "Role play in Minecraft?" I ask, hoping for some sort of explanation and I see Tommy typing something while Tubbo is eating a bowl of what I assume is rice.

"Yep." Tubbo nods and takes another bite out of his rice so I nod a little. I look over at Tommy and see him smile for a second before going back to typing. It must be something for a video, I know he has a lot planned for next year and is getting g everything set up really early. "Wilbur writes the script!" He adds a second later and I tilt my head to the side slightly because it has to be really good if there is a whole script involved.

"Can someone run me through,"

"The lore?" Tommy finishes the sentence even though it hadn't been what I was going to ask but it fit. I stare at him for a second and he shrugs a little, my eyes moving to the chat who are trying to get me to tell them what was going on in the up coming lore so they would get to know as well.

"There is lore?" I ask him because I thought that was only something that channels like Game Theory on YouTube would try to find but apparently Tommy, Tubbo and Wilbur are all making some huge story from what I am now aware of.

"Yep." Tommy nods and I blink.

"Wow," I laugh a little as I see my chat go even faster which results in my mods putting it back on to slow mode. I try to keep it off of slow mode, just so more people can talk but it since I am growing it seems like I should just start keeping it on as people get excited over almost everything. "Ok, fill me in." I tell them both and for a second the boys look at each other through the call, trying to figure out who wanted to talk and where they should start start.

"Ok, well," Tommy says after a moment and I nod a little, dancing as a new song starts playing and my chat also seems to like the song. I mentally note that I will have to add it to my normal streaming playlist. "You have to start from the beginning,"

"So you don't just spit out bullshit like some people do." Tubbo says with a small roll of his eyes and I raise my eyebrows slightly. A grin breaks across his face as he puts the bowl of rice down again on his desk. "Anyways, it started with L'manberg,"

"No," Tommy cuts him off loudly with a small sort of offended look across his face. "It started with the discs." He reminds his best friend and I see Tubbo nod a little with an amused look in his eyes.

"There was that." He nods a little and seems to rearrange the story in his mind which makes me wonder how complicated the story is. From what I am aware of it only started in June so there really can't be that much. "So Tommy and I fought Dream for these music discs right?"

"Yeah." I hum a little, keeping up with what he is saying about the server.

"That was the disc war," Tommy says with a small proud grin across his face. I have to keep myself from laughing because of how happy he looks at the fact that he and Tubbo had won a fight against Dream over Minecraft discs. I mean if he is happy with the discs then I will be happy that he won the fight. "Then Wilbur came along and he was like,"

"Let's start a country." Tubbo says and makes his voice sound more dramatic. I laugh a little at that which makes the two boys also laugh at the way he had said it before I look at my chat.

"A country?" I repeat to make sure that I had heard him correctly. I wasn't made aware that countries were a thing that were in Minecraft but clearly I hadn't been made aware of a lot of things by just playing bed and sky wars. 

"Yeah!" Tubbo tells me with a grin across his face and as he thinks about it. I can even see the smile which Tommy is trying to hide as he continues to try and focus on the school work in front of him. "It's called L'manberg!" He tells me happily and I can't help but laugh a little at the country's name but nod nonetheless.

"That's pretty cool." I tell him with a small laugh and see my chat are now all spamming an old old twitch chat emote in my chat. I smile a little because I hadn't seen it in a long time so it's nice to see them using it even though I don't know why they are putting o7 right now.

"So basically what happened was that we had to fight against Dream again," Tubbo continues to tell me and I am starting to see a theme that Dream seems to be a bad guy on the server in the lore which makes me smile a little more because I would've thought that Tommy would have made tons of enemies like he did in SMP Earth that he used to talk about all the time when he wasn't streaming. "But we sorta kinda lost." He adds and I make a small confused face because they both seem so happy about L'manberg which I don't get if Dream had taken over it.

"But," Tommy breaks into the conversation before I can say anything else. "I traded the discs to win our freedom." He says proudly and I nod a little, the smile reappearing on my face.

"And now L'manberg is free!" Tubbo cheers happily and I can't help but smile a little brighter at how both of them feel about their founded country. It was cute to see how invested they clearly were in the fake country but I could see they cared about it.

"And Wilbur is president as he founded it and he also declared himself so." Tommy adds and I make a small face because I am pretty sure that isn't now governments work but maybe it is because I am British. I never really understood American politics or anything like that and tried my best to keep out of it except for the memes sometimes.

"Tommy is also his right hand man and everything is going good!" Tubbo tells me and I nod a little, knowing that Tommy would be in some sort of position due to the way that he and Will were so close. It would really make sense for Tubbo and Tommy to be at the top of whatever government that Wilbur would have created so I wasn't too shocked. "Niki just joined the server because Will asked, we might be able to get Dream to add you if we ask nicely." He reckons and I look over to my chat to see them spamming about how they want me to join so I shrug a little.

"Ok, sure." I say with a small smile and see grins appear on both of the boys faces. "I'm up for it." I tell them and instantly see them type something up to who I assume is Dream which makes me laugh a little, looking over at my chat to answer some of the donos which had come in while they were explaining the country of theirs.

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