[ 10 - Drive ]

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"Have a safe drive," Phil tells us as we stand around in the parking lot. We are all crowded around my little car and all have tired smiles across our faces from the day full of emotions. I had met some of Tommy's other friends who were standing around with us as well, Niki and Fundy, and even though I hadn't gotten the chance to speak to Fundy as much as I did to Niki, who I love more then life, but he seemed pretty chill.

"We will," I smile brightly and Tommy moves away from the conversation which he had been having with Will. I lean against the car slightly as he joins my side, looking at the people who came to see us off. I look past them to the ocean at the beautiful sight, it feels like it's a moment which should be treasured.

"No," Tommy caught my attention and I look at him, pushing into his side lightly as the others laugh a little. He has a small grin across his face as we stand there in the late golden sunlight. "We will turn the car over." He laughs and I roll my eyes at him joking around.

"Tommy," I push him away and he laughs as he starts to make his way to the passenger seat waving to the others as a bye. I assume that he will probably be talking to them later today or tomorrow for a stream or something. I turn back to the others as Tommy gets into the car, reaching over to start it up. "Thank you all for everything." I say looking at each of them, my eyes landing on Will who gives me a bright smile in return.

"It's no problem," Will tells me and I feel my smile brighten. I wave slightly as the others go back into conversation, climbing into the car and driving off. In my review mirror I can see the stuffed animal that Will had gotten me and my smile grows a little more.

"What's up with you two?" Tommy asks me after a minute and I look over at him for a second to see that he has a rather amused look across his face. I make a small confused face, shaking my head before focusing on the road fully again.

"What?" I ask with a little scoff, not exactly quite sure what he was talking about. I watch as the car ahead of us turns off, moving in the opposite direction which we are going. Once again I glance over and see him just staring at me with a smirk across his face, an amused look shining brightly in his eyes as well.

"You heard me," Tommy says with an amused laugh, glancing at his phone when it buzzes. It makes me laugh a little, not quite sure but then it hits me what he is talking about. I stare at him for a second as I get what he is saying and I shake my head as I look back at the road, my cheeks lighting up pink as I look back over at the road.

"Oh my god," I mutter, looking into the review mirror again to see that my cheeks had turned a very definite shade of pink. I shake my head again glancing over at my little brother who is laughing silently to himself. "Tommy." I laugh a little as try to ignore the look which is shining across his little face.

"Come on," Tommy laughs, practically bringing his knees to his chest. I roll my eyes, trying to keep ignoring the look on my brothers face but his laugh is almost too contagious. I roll my head on my shoulder slightly as I look back to the road, trying to avoid his eyes.

"Stop it," I laugh a little as he looks at his phone typing something to who I assume is Tubbo. Tommy is almost always talking to Tubbo as they were best friends, I literally can't remember the last time that Tommy has gone a day without talking to Tommy and they haven't been talking all day.

"If you and Will get married," Tommy starts to go on and my jaw drops slightly when I hear the words come from him. I am in shock for a moment and stare at the road, not quite sure what to think. This only, of course, makes my little brother laugh harder and louder.

"Tommy!" I shout a little with a small laugh but there is no real annoyance in my voice. I stare at the road again, the smile across my face not hidden at all but I keep myself from meeting my brothers eyes. I roll my eyes, glancing over at him when he is laughing so hard in his seat.

"Kidding," Tommy says while laughing loudly, dropping his phone into his lap as he stares at me and my pink face. "I'm kidding!" He tells me again and I shake my head refusing to meet his eyes as I try to hide the smile across my face. He tries to grab my water bottle from the center console and I slap his hand away which makes him pout slightly.

"Should've gotten water when I offered," I tell him but I feel his stays on me so I sigh, moving my hand away from it and he grins a little. He takes it and drinks some before looking out the window, the sky turning dark. We have a nearly three hour drive ahead of us which is going to be a fun experience. I look over at Tommy to see why he has gone silent and the second he sees me look over he starts laughing again. "I hate you." I laugh and he grins.

"But you don't hate Wilbur."

"I swear to god Tom." I sigh with a small laugh, avoiding his gaze and turning the radio up so it blocks out his laughter.

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