[ 07 - Arcade ]

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We all stand outside of the big colorful building which stands out on the boardwalk. It felt like it radiated happiness, people with smiles on their faces walking in and out and the bright neon lights inside the building made it look like a place from any child's dream. I look over at the others who all have childish grins in their faces and then my eyes land on Tommy who most definitely has the biggest smile. Even though he says that he isn't a child, which I am aware of completely, he still likes everything a child likes. Then again he will always be a child to me, he is my baby brother after all.

"Well," Phil looks at the group of us, seeing that we all are longing to go inside but are waiting for someone else to go in first. "Let's go." He gives us smiles and we all hurry inside. I stay by Tommy's side mainly as we navigate our way through the huge open room with games of all sorts.

"Arcade," Tommy grind childishly as I pull him away, bringing him to the counter where we use the machine to exchange our money into coins for all of the machines. "It's time to be gamers," He says as I take the golden coins from the machine, dumping them into a little cup which are provided so Tommy doesn't spill them all over the place.

"We literally game for a living," I hear a laugh from over my shoulder as I exchange for a few more coins, trying to round out the number that we have. I count them out in my hand as I turn to put them in the cup which Tommy us holding before looking at the person who had spoken. I grin a little when I see Phil watching over the two of us interact with Tommy making a face as he realizes that he is standing there.

"Shush," I put a finger up to my mask with a little giggle. I know that none of us are that well known to the point where people who be able to identify us immediately but I still don't want them to get overwhelmed on their day out.

"Hey," Another voice calls for our attention and the three of us turn to see Will giving us a little grin while holding a camera up to look at the group of us. Phil laughs a little and walks away with a handful of coins which he had bought, leaving Tommy, Will and I alone. "Smile."

"No." Tommy simply says and I laugh a little.

"Fine," Will says just as dramatically back at Tommy before turning the camera to put me in the center of the camera. I feel my checks turn pink because I am not used to be in the middle of the camera, usually I have a game running or someone else in frame with me so this is more then weird but I smile anyways. "Blake smile." He laughs a little and I can't help but smile back.

"Hi!" I smile brightly and after glancing over my shoulder to make sure no one is around, I pull down my mask shooting the camera a little grin before pulling my mask back up.

"Come on," Tommy says dramatically as he watches the two of us interact. The scene behind me must look nice in the camera with the bright lights which can be fixed easily and me in the center of the screen. It will have to look goo I reckon. "Let's go win money."

After about two hours of walking around in the arcade, playing a handful of games and going in different directions every now and then we all meet up near the shopping counter. Tommy grins brightly because everyone pretty much coughs their tickets up to him, I had already given him mine so I simply just stare at the things which are lined up against the wall to show what you could buy with tickets.

"Hey Blake," I hear Will call my name out but I step into the line, taking the few tickets I had saved from Tommy. I look over my shoulder as I step into the line before realizing how fast the line is moving which is really good.

"Hold on," I say and move closer to the counter. My eyes scan over the things in the glass case, settling on a few candies. I hand over my tickets and take the few sweets I had bought before making my way down the path to meet up with the others where they were talking. Tommy had the white ticket in his hand with the amount of tickets he had written on it.

"Whatcha got there, Will?" Tommy asks as I make my way down the path and I see Will shove him away softly. I see my brother give him a big teasing grin and laugh a little.

"Nothing for you Tommy." Will says with a sort of patient smile on his face. Tommy studies him that it's a focused expression across his face before his jaw drops as I make my way over to the duo. My eyes snap to the rest of the guys who are watching Will and Tommy then moving with Tommy when Will pushes him away. "Go get your things." He tells Tommy who laughs a little before getting into the line, Dave and Phil following as they have the cameras and don't want him to cause complete chaos.

"What's up?" I ask Will with a small grin as I hold my hand out for him to take a candy which I had gotten for Tommy mainly. He meets my eyes with a grin, looking over his shoulder at Tommy then back to me.

"I got you a thing," Will tells me, offering me a stuffed pikachu which he had won from one of the many claw machines around the arcade. I feel my face turn pink under my mask and look up at Will who is moving his eyes between me and the floor.

"Oh," I laugh a little nervously, taking it softly and hugging it close to my chest so I don't drop it by accident. I am pretty amazed by how soft it is even though it had come from a claw machine. I secretly wonder how many tries and coins it had taken him to get it because most of the machines are rigged. "Thank you so much. I love it." I give him a smile my heart racing in my chest and for some reason it feels like it's just again, like we aren't in the middle of a crowded arcade.

"You can say no but," Will pauses his eyes flicker over to Tommy. We both see him looking at everything behind the counters and trying to talk to the woman, who looks more then annoyed at everyone coming to buy things. I feel a grin grow across my face because it's kind of her job to deal with kids and teens all day. "Can I have your number?" He asks and a new shade of pink grows across my face.

"Of course," I smile a little and he hands me his phone. I type my number into it quickly and create myself a contact as Blake Simons before handing it back. He gives me a smile which I return before turning my attention to Phil and Dave who are waving at me. "Hold on," I laugh a little, moving past Will who nods and looks down at his phone.

"Will," Tommy comes out of the line and I look over at the two of them. Will looks up from his phone where I had just put my contact and he has the same reaction I do when I see that my little brother has two boxes in his hands and a yo-yo. "Look I got guns." He grins proudly showing them to the rest of us as well which makes me laugh a little because he really shouldn't be saying that in the middle of a place filled with children. We start all walking towards the exit when Tommy slows down and looks at the toys. "I don't really want these." He admits and we all laugh a little because he really just made all of us cough up our tickets when won to him just for him to get a toy he really doesn't want.

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