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Neveah woke up to the sun shining and Mir laying on the other side of the bed

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Neveah woke up to the sun shining and Mir laying on the other side of the bed.

She scrunched her face up because normally he'd be close to her.

She shrugged and went to go get her toothbrush and toothpaste out of her bag and do her morning hygiene.

She grabbed her phone and speaker also and playing music.

"If I'm hurting now, she gon' hurt in the end. She played with my feelings, won't do it again. I said that I trust her, I knew that I didn't." She mumbled singing 'Revenge' by KlanBoyMike.

(A/N- If y'all don't know about KBM, I just put y'all on. YALL WELCOME !!)

"Your nigga so grimy, he fucked on your friend. But it's time for revenge. Me and you, our lil' secret. We can't tell nobody, I just hope that you keep it." She started brushing her teeth.

About 25 minutes later she was done with her hygiene and her hair.

She had gotten her hair done by Lea. Her hair was in red box braids.

She walked out the bathroom to see Mir sitting on the bed, on his phone.

"Good morning." She said to him, which he just ignored.

"I said good morning." She said again and he lifted his head up.

"Ion feel like talkin." He said and went to the bathroom.

Neveah shrugged and got on the phone Lea gave her.

About 15 minutes later she then saw a red light shining on the top of her phone. Like at the camera part.

"What the heck.." She said and knocked on the bathroom door for Mir to come out.

"Mir!" She yelled.

He swung the door open mugging her. "Fuck do you want?"

"Look." She said and showed him her phone.

"Fuck." He said and grabbed the phone and threw it against the wall.

"Y'all we gotta go!" They heard Loyal outside of the door and they quickly grabbed their stuff and walked out of the room.

Once they all got into the car, Loyal pulled off.

"We can't leave this state without completing the mission or we'll all be dead. We gotta do this mission now." Loyal said. "The guns right there." He pointed to the back at a suitcase.

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