Skybrine x Depressed!Insane!reader

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Y/n pov

I grinned at the sleeping girl in front of me. She made my life miserable, she bullied me every day, and now, she'll pay. I cackled and drove the knife into her side. She woke up and let out a scream. I pulled it out and slit her throat. I spoke as she choked on her own blood, "You shouldn't;t be mean to an insane girl~" I laughed as she tried to talk. I ripped the knife out and stabbed her over and over again. I slipped out the window and ran down the street. I giggled and cried at the same time. I walked down an ally and slumped against the brick wall. I cried into my hands. I was bullied everyday. I finally broke and killed every one of them. My parents hated me. I slit my moms throat and chopped my dads head off with an old axe. I heard foot steps and someone sat beside me. I didn't;t look up though. "Why are you crying and covered in blood?" I sniffled and giggled, "Well I just killed five people including my parents." I said with a laugh at the end. "Why?" He said. "My parents hated me and the other three were bullies." I looked up, He had glowing golden eyes and had brown hair pulled back. He had a blue shirt and slightly darker blue pants. I smiled, 'he's kinda cute.' He smiled, "I'm guessing your insane then." I giggled, "Of caurse I am I murdered five people!" He giggled to. "I'm Sky." "Y/n." He stood up and held out his hand, which I took. "Want to go to the park?" I smiled, "Sure."


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