Chapter 1

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Your POV
"Dad! I'm leaving to go hunting okay, I'll be back soon." you say.

"Okay sweetheart, come back before nightfall okay." your dad says as you walk out the door.

You was an only child that lived with your dad. your mother passed away 2 hours after you was born. Your father had a painting done for them on their wedding day and that is the only picture you and him have of her. She was so beautiful you thought.

You was a very skilled hunter and was the best known in your village. Which is a village that uses dragons as allies. This village was named Berk. everyone had a dragon. Except for you. Your dad offered you to go to the dragon academy to pick one out, but you had a feeling that your dragon was waiting for you and was waiting to be found by its rightful owner.

As you walked to the forest you heard all the girls screaming over Hiccup. Son of the Chief Stoick. You new you had a small crush on him too but you kept your distance from him. you was always shy when it came to a boy you liked.

As you entered the forest you walked deep into the forest until you came up on Raven's point (where Hiccup met Toothless). You climbed a tree that was on the edge of the deep cavern hole until you saw a deer walking up o the pond smack dab in the center of the hole. You aimed your bow and arrow ready to release until you heard a roar a over your head.

You look up to see a Night Fury, but it was white like a cloud and had big blue eyes like sapphires. That when you heard Hiccup and Toothless following it.

You kept staring at Hiccup and at Toothless until they disappeared. You thought that Toothless was the last of his kind. "Wow," you said to yourself in a whisper. "another night fury."


You had shot two seers and brought them home before night fall. When you entered your home your dad seemed so happy.

"What is it dad?" You asked.

"Oh (y/n), YOH won't believe what Hiccup brought back to the village! your father said. "It's another Night Fury and they are letting people come and see if the can tame it because it's not listening to Hiccup, can you believe that!" He said excitedly

"That's great dad!" You say.

"Okay come on let see what happens and see if it will listen to anyone, also you should try to I mean come on its a NIGHT FURY!" Your dad hollered.

"Okay okay I'll come dad. Go on to the arena I'll meet you there." you say.

Your dad said goodbye has you hung the deer up and left the house.

As you approached the arena you had saw that people was trying o tame it and calm it down. It was a feisty one that's for sure. You got in line and noticed you'd be the last to try to tame it because heck why not try.

As you entered the arena you saw as people was starting to give up on anyone taming the dragon. When they saw you though they laughed because you never had experience with a dragon before but you read all kinds of books about them.

You shrugged it off as you see the beautiful beast turn to you. But it had kindness in its eyes. you slowly walked towards it as it kept still. Everyone stopped laughing and was watching intensely.

The. The dragon got up and walked around you noticing everything about you. You start to get nervous but the dragons comes over and puts its head under your hand.

Everyone was staring especially Hiccup.

You bent down to stare at it straight into its blue sapphire eyes and said,

"I think I'll call you (d/n)."

Everyone started cheering and clapping .

When everyone left the arena its was just you and (d/n). Or so you thought.

Hiccup's POV

I can't believe it. (y/n) as a dragon now and it's the night fury I found today. I thought to myself when I noticed that (y/n) and her new night fury (d/n) was still sitting in the middle of the arena. I decided to walk in with Toothless behind me.

"Hey (y/n) what are you still doing here it's going to get late." I say.

"Oh um sorry I lost track of time I was staring to get to know my new dragon." (Y/N) said.

"Well since you are new to the whole dragon thing how about I teach you some things and even get you a saddle for her." I say.

"Oh thanks Hiccup that's sweet of you, Thank you." she says. Gosh she looks beautiful in the moonlight. Wait, what was I thinking!

"Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow Hiccup. Goodnight, come on (d/n) lets get you settled into your new home" (y/n) says.

"Goodnight to you too (y/n)." I said as she walked out of the arena. I kept staring until she was out of sight when I felt Toothless nudge me in the arm and giving me a cheeky smirk.

"Okay fine you caught me, I like her... a lot" I say.

I wonder if she like me back though?

What do you think? Do you guys like it? It's my first one and I want to make it good. I'll be updating soon so please be patient.
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