[ 04 - Deep Sea ]

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I sit in the warm sunlight on the shore with Lani sitting at my side as we are watch both of our brothers make their way out into the water. Tubbo has a paddle board with him and while I had told Tommy that it wasn't the greatest idea, Tommy had his phone to get content out there or something along those lines. We had only been here for an hour or so and at first we had simply just walked around, all of the others had gotten pizza from one of the open shops and it was great. I was legitimately having a good time mainly because I looked at Tubbo and Lani as siblings, a small amount of anxiety was slowly building up as we got closer to meeting Tommy's internet friends for the first time.

"They are extra," Lani tells me and I look over at them, away from the sun castle that the two of us had been working on. It was looking fairly well, missing a lot of color as it was only really the color of the sand and was actually pretty much just a bump on the ground but it looked as decent as it could get. Plus I found it pretty cute and Lani liked it so that's all that mattered to me. I follow her gaze and see our brothers messing around on the board which Tubbo had brought out.

"Agreed." I nod once as my brother looks up at Tubbo who laughs, looking slightly nervous at whatever idea Tommy was saying. I watch for a second as Tommy points his phone, which is thankfully waterproof, up at Tubbo who seems to be trying to steady himself on the board which Tommy isn't making easy. "But we gotta love them," I say with a soft smile as I look back to Lani who has gone back to working on the castle.

"Eh," She shrugs, her hair pulled into two braids that match mine. My braids are very much longer and contrast in color to hers but she had done a good job at them nonetheless. If anything I felt like it would have been harder to do it with short hair because the lack of hair to work with but she did really good. I touch the side of the sandcastle, pressing the sand more steadily into the pile so it stays before looking back up at Lani. Her eyes are back at our brothers then to the water which seems very welcoming. "Want to go out to the water?"

"Sure," I shrug, getting off of my spot on the ground. It is quite amusing because even though Lani is younger then me six years, as she is thirteen, and she's really mature for her age kind of. "You have a suit on, correct?" I ask because I don't want her to walk around in soaking clothes all day if we decide to stay out any longer but I think that after this we are going to be heading back to Tubbo's house. Tommy and Tubbo had been talking to me about doing a stream on Tubbo's account which was cool for them, it would probably get them very high up on the top of Twitch's website.

"Yeah," Lani tells me and I pull the light yellow oversized tee shirt over my head, placing it down on the towel. I shoot Lani a smile and she drops her shirt onto it as well to not get our clothes sandy before we make our way to the water where our brothers are still messing around out there. As long as they don't drown I think we should be good. "Let's get shells," I hear Lani suggest and I look back to her as she reaches down to pick one of them up. In the past we have learned that the shells on this beach are really pretty and sometimes can be found full.

"Oh," I laugh a little while later when Tommy and Tubbo make their way back to the shore with smiles across their faces, both of them soaking wet from the swim they had taken out in the water. Tommy walks over to me while Tubbo holds the board and he runs a hand through his hair, looking at the two of us. "Your back." I give both of them smiles

"We went into the deep sea." Tommy informs me with a grin and I roll my eyes. The bits they do for their videos can be stupid at times but they always really make me laugh. People act like Tommy doesn't know what he is doing on the internet but he really does and he is good at it as well.

"The waters were shark infested." Tubbo informs Lani and I who share an amused smile across our faces. We all start making our way up the shore to where our beach blanket is laid out, dropping the shells we had collected down onto the sand besides it and all sitting around in the sunlight to dry off some.

"Oh," I hum with a little laugh as Tommy points his camera at each of us. I give it a little smile before stretching slightly, the warm early fall sunlight feeling amazing on my skin. "Did you die?" I ask amused and Tubbo and Tommy share a grin which makes Lani try not to laugh at the two of them.

"Tubbo drowned," Tommy informs us with a grin across his face and Tubbo nods along, a grin across his as well. "I said I would give my channel to Wilbur, who we are supposed to meet tomorrow if we lived but I am too much of big man to die." He tells me and Lani which makes me roll my eyes but there is still a bright smile across my face. I've heard that Wilbur is the one who had allowed Tommy to come as long as he brought an escort of sorts, which was me. I have also heard from Tommy that he loves Wilbur like a big brother of sorts which is cute in my opinion.

"Ok," I hum a little, grabbing a water bottles and tossing one to everyone. They each catch it and the boys open there's taking gulps of it very quickly. I wonder how far they really went out for the bit.

"Sure," Lani nods a little with a smirk across her face which makes me and Tubbo laugh a little as Tommy's jaw drops, trying to think of a reasonable response other then just shouting.

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