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Hi minna-san! This will be my first xreader book! Of course I'm going to do Sting Eucliffe cause that's my fav character! <3

Shout out to @Lisa_Heartfilia for encouraging me to do this book!

admin: *ahem* Crystal, the background..

Crystal: Oh right, so, your background then!

first name= y/n

last name= l/n

eye color=e/c

hair color=h/c

skin color=s/c

favorite color=f/c

Age: 18

magic: Well, there is none cause this is set in high school life

Personal life: Well, that you're gonna have to find out as the story goes on! But, I can reveal the basic information: Your mother was Eliza (l/n). She died when you were 15 years old. You personally hated your father. He and your mother divorced when you were 10, but since she died, you were forced to live with him. Your father owned a very rich and successful business. What it was called, you didn't really care. You despised living with him, but you couldn't do anything because without him, you would have no home, food, or money. Don't worry though, your father hated you back. However, because you were his only child, he prepped and is still prepping you to take over the business some day.

That's all you need to know about yourself for now! ^-^

Oh, and I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Admin: Okay people, this book starts in 3...2...1..


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