Insanity Killed Isolabella

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This is Melissa Gordon on Fox news! Our top story, a girl's suicide story shocks the country! All told from her close friend, Nathaniel Wilibur.

I stared at the TV screen, blinking. I had been interviewed for the story they were doing on my friend, Isolabella. She had.....commited suicide. And only I was willing to tell the story. Many of the other kids didn't seem all that interested on explaining it, they seemed somewhat fearful. But I understood their fear....I had it too. Looking back to the TV, I gave a tiny sniffle before walking to the other room. My voice rang loudly and shakily during the interview:

"Bella? Her story?.....well, she had a normal life, the normal life of a bullied child that is. She was really pretty in my opinion, she had long curly black hair. Emerald eyes that just mesmerized you. She was being teased because of what she was. A hispanic Atheist. Everyone believed in god, but she believed in science. I didn't see anything wrong with that. They would call her mean names like "Slut of Satan" or "Bitch of the Devil". Mostly say it all in spanish so she would hear it more clearly. Isolabella was close to me, since I was the only one to welcome her in. She would tell me things, things she never dared to reveal to others. Bella would slide her jacket sleeves up. One arm had plain cuts on them. At first I was shocked to find out she was a cutter, but what scared me was the cuts on her other arm. They were in Latin, every word carved into the delicate skin was in the dead language. Her parents would corrupt her, saying nobody could be trusted and that nobody would truly love her. They were all false, nothing more but ruthless barbarians that hid behind the masks that God gave them. Her parents would commence in Satanic rituals with her and told her that if someone asked her of her beliefs to reply she only believed in science. Bella.....on several occasions had come to school looking dead. She told me things that made me more wary of her. Her parents would allow demons to possess her. I thought this was just a little lie and she was just trying to seem more cool to me since I liked that dark stuff a little, but she had given me proof. Bella would take pictures and show them to me. The large stars in circles drawn on the floor. They were fiery and ashy and bloody.........crimson hand prints planted all over the floor. I didn't want to see her anymore, she scared me alot."

"I still talked to her, conversing about what happened every day. I was like her psychologist! But I could tell she needed help. For the past few weeks, she had been coming back to school more fidgety and self aware day by day. Bella would jump at any tiny sounds. She began to speak what sounded like gibberish to me. But I went online to find out to my mere horror that the supposed gibberish had been her speaking fluently in Latin. But I swear.......if I could die of fright, then I did. I typed in everything she had said because when she texted me, she only replied the same words in Latin over and over...........the translation was:

"Once the white walls have closed in, my sanity smashed by a hammer, I will drain the light. I'll sit in the darkness, the room flooding with blood. Nobody can escape it, but I'll find a way how. I promise, I swear, I swear on the Reaper's scythe that shall soon bear down on me. Take my pitiful soul Satan, I can't take it anymore. I'm going insane, I'm going insane. The normal is the abnormal and the abnormal is the normal....all for only me. I am what they say, all the names they speak are true. Nathan....come with me, come frolick through the withered flowers and the dying crackling grass in Satan's garden of the dead. Our favorite number shall be triple six and we will remain 13 forever. We can ride on the backs of skeletal horses across the black blood stained sands and see the fire reflect against the bloody sea. Drenched in the rain of tears from the innocent we shall become immortal and wreak havoc amongst the living together. Join me Nathaniel Wilibur, I end in 13 days on the 6 of June.......2006."

"I couldn't say anything after that. I just waited for that horrid day to come.....I remember that day so vividly. I was in 2nd period....I wrote the date on my paper and hesitated, staring down at it...."6/6/06". Without the zero it would have been just 666. I took the pass and went to use the bathroom. I didn't have to go.......I just felt something irking me, it tugged viciously at my mind. I slipped out of class and slowly stalked through the halls.....that's when I saw it. Thick, rich, fresh crimson blood pooled under the door of the girl's bathroom. I didn't give a fuck if it was the girl's bathroom, I went in! I stood there, seeing 13 year old Isolabella 's limp body infront of me. It had been stabbed 13 violent times......and in her hand was the bloody hunting dagger. "

That's when I dashed forward, picked up the remote, and threw it roughly at the T.V. screen. The remote broke the screen and rested in it. I glanced to my parents, who seemed slightly taken back by my reaction. I heaved and growled, fuming with rage. I was pretty pissed. I didn't want to remember any of it! But for a good reason. I was having dreams........terrible dreams. She was coming back and haunting my damn ass. It wouldn't stop. It wouldn't stop. It was never going to stop. At night I'd hear her voice ring through my house, that spanish accent sent shivers down my spine. Her words....."Come with me Nathaniel. Join me........nobody can escape it. But I can help you......or I'll drag you down to the fiery depths myself." Sometimes it's ironic.....Isolabella translated into English from spanish meant, "the beautiful, lonely one".


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