Chapter eight

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Dear diary.

Ashton gave met this diary so I would have something to do. Chuck is more and more gone every day. He leaves when it's getting dark night and comes back when I am almost too tired to stay awake. It is driving me crazy. He says he has a lot of business to attend, but I want to know what's going on. I know he is only doing this for my own good, but I am getting frustrated. I want to help him so badly, but I don't know how.

-          Blair

'Knock, knock' Ashton came in and I put down the diary. "So how does the prisoner have it today?" He said mockingly.

"Do you want to know how I am?" I said while raising one eyebrow at him. His lips quirked into a grin.

"Boooored!" I jumped forward and began hitting him with a pillow. "You-are-going-to-pay-for-that!" He managed to say out between laughs. Before I even could react he was on top of me. With one hand he held my arms over my head and began the tickling torture.  

"No, please, please!" I begged between laughs. I fought all I could, but there was no use. "Ashton seriously I am ticklish!" I begged.

"Please I will do whatever you want!" He stopped the torture lesson and grinned at me. His hands were raised threateningly, ready for tickling.

"Ashton is better than me and I am jealous. Say it!" He demanded.

"NEVER!!" I yelled.

"Well if that's the way you want it." He began tickling me again, until my stomach hurt.

"Okay, okay, you win. You are better than me and I am jealous." His grin became wider and he got off.

"That wasn't so hard." He said in a teasingly tone. I tried to scowl at him, but before we knew it we both broke out into laugher.

He laid down on the bed and exhaled. "Blair you know you are like a sister to me right?" He asked after a while, but it was more like a rhetorical question.

"Yeah?" That he had called me his sister meant so much to me.

"So I can tell you anything?" He asked suddenly serious. I eyed him for a second before nodding.

"Well there is this girl-" I broke him off by a stream of giggles and excitement.

"Who is she?  Do I know her? How does she look like?" Ashton had to cover my mouth with his hand to make me shut up. "Shh! It's a secret." Oh.. I managed to calm down and he retrieved his hand.

"Anyway as I was saying before you interrupted me." He scowled mockingly and I clenched a hand in front of my mouth, indicating I wouldn't interrupt.

"You don't know her, but she is-" He was interrupted by one of the Slaves coming in together with Chuck. I could see Ashton got slightly annoyed, but didn't lose his temper as I would.

"Hallo princess." He greeted and kissed me passionately.

"Eww! I am out of here!" Ashton got up and covered his eyes with his hands, like a child. I had to giggle a little and Chuck only rolled his eyes.

"Sorry I took so long love, but I had a meeting with my father and..." He trailed off. I knew very well who he was referring to.

"When can I get out of this room?" I asked, suddenly serious. I was getting tired of this. He sighed and pulled me closer to him. "If we are lucky he will be gone in around three days, after we signed the contract." I nodded. Three days wasn't so bad.

"Now where were we?" He began kissing my neck and I closed my eyes in pleasure. Unfortunately the pleasure didn't last long because the slave who had entered earlier came in again.

"Master your father wishes to see you." She said while looking at the floor. I let out a large growl, before pushing Chuck off me.

"I am sorry I will be back in a couple of hours, I promise." He said, while kissing my cheek.

"Just go." I ordered. It became silent and he looked at me with understanding eyes.

I pulled the sheets over my head and ignored him. Before I knew it he was gone.

"What are you looking at? Get out!" I shouted towards the woman who just stood there like a statue. I felt a sting of guilt while she jumped and ran out the room. I didn't mean to be nasty, it was just that I was getting tired of being locked up. It had passed around two weeks and I was tired of it.

'Three days, just three days'

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