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Sidharth shukla- one n only child of his parents who treat them like a king from his birth.
When he was 10 year he lost his parents  ,but he get to know that they killed by a mafia leader.

After he join a gang and slowly slowly became king of this mafia world .
He only use girls for his pleasure and think girls are also greedy for money and pleasure.

Asha tai. (Old lady)-she is the nanny of sid in his childhood she love sid she never leave him in his ups and down .She is treat him like a son after there parents death.
Sid love her so much and very caring towards her.

Kushal & Arjun -sid left and right hand you can say very loyal for sid.They are with sid from child hood they share a strong bond.

Kushal age(28)-he is flirty roaming around girls always .
And a very lazy person a hungry boy who loves to eat all the time .
A chatterbox he is .

Arjun age(30)- he is very serious person he is not talkative person .He like silence very focused for his work.
Do anything for sid.


Sehnaaz-Daughter of Raj gill who is a police officer after his death the job got her elder sister.

Sana is very soft heart person she can't see tears in anyone eyes .
She is a brilliant student she love cooking and want to became a master chef .So she want to do hotel Management course .
She lived with her sister in a govt flat.

Acp aditi- sana elder  sister very rude for criminal his only aim to clear mafia from this world .
She is elder but her younger sister is more caring towards her.

Both are opposite to each other but both sister love each other.

Why  Cinderella I told you this in story
Do you like the concept comment me


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