[ 03 - The Car ]

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We sit in the car at a red light with the early August sun rising in the distance. I look over at Tommy who is flipping his phone in his hands hints of sleepiness left in his eyes as he looks at it lazily. He looks over when he sees that I am looking at him and we share a tired grin before the light turns green and I make the turn. So far, even though it is so early, we have no real destination in mind. We are going to drive for as long as it takes because we have nothing to do all day and we had already told Mum and Dad that we would be out all day.

We had made a mistake when planning our day out where we were going to be going to Brighton to meet up with Tommy's friends but we had messed up the dates. His friends had planned to meet up on the thirteenth but we had thought it was supposed to be the twelfth.

So we had decided to just tell Mum and Dad that we would get a hotel room down by the shore using the money from the train tickets which we cancelled and stay there the night, giving the two of them the whole weekend without the two of us which they will probably enjoy. I mean there is just so much they can put up with Tommy being loud, even if he isn't as loud as he is on stream, and going around the house hanging out, our laughter often echoing around the house because we find ourselves much funnier then we really are.

While we were going through and replanting everything that we could think of, Tommy had told me that his friends were actually really excited to meet me. I was slightly surprised by that because they were apparently shocked to learn that Tommy had an older sister but he had told me that they really wanted to meet me and were happy to know that I was coming with Tommy to Brighton.

"What do you want to do today?" I ask Tommy as I pull on the sleeve of my oversized yellow hoodie since it was chilly outside. Good for all of us, it is supposed to be sunnier and much warmer both today and tomorrow but right now it just wasn't. I watch as he hooks up his phone to the radio so he can play whatever he wants while we drive down the highway.

"What do you want to do?" Tommy asks and I make a little face before shrugging, moving into the passing to the faster lane. I spare a glance over at Tommy as we start on our way to Brighton. We will probably stop somewhere down there about half way I think, there had to be something to do around there.

"Hold on," Tommy's eyes suddenly light up as he comes up with an idea and he looks down at his phone, putting the password in and out of the corner of my eye I see him scrolling through his contacts. I use the button on the steering wheel to flip through his songs, trying to find something good and not loud as it is so early and we are slowly waking up. "Can we meet up with Tubbo?" He asks and I can't help but smile a little at how happy he looks as he thinks about meeting up with his best friend. I know that the two of them have been wanting to meet up for a while and I absolutely love Lani and the rest of Tubbo's family so it would be nice to see them.

"You texting him?" I ask with a little tilt of my head and see Tommy nod, looking back down at his phone. A brighter grin breaks across his face and I automatically assume that it is from Tubbo. "Are his parents alright with it?" I ask and this time the smile on his face falters, not responding quite yet. He glances down at his phone where he typed something, I know that Tubbo probably was just as excited about us coming to visit but I don't want to intrude with Tommy at his house. His Mum would probably be happy to see us again because she looks at the two of us as her own children, just like how our Mum looks at Lani and Toby, Tubbo, as her own children as well.

"Yeah," Tommy says with a small, seemingly unsure nod because he knows how Tubbo's family thinks of us. At the same time, it is not our job to come to their house out of nowhere even though I am more then sure she would be fine with it.

"Tommy," I say his name softly as we make our small turn, heading up the new road with lights of the early sun lighting up the sky beautifully. I see him looking from his phone then back to me as if he was trying to figure out what to do to try and get me to take him to his best friends house. "Ask Tubbo." I tell him softly and he sighs a little. He looks back down at his phone again, his fingers moving across his screen as he texts his best friend asking for permission.

"What are you guys going to do?" I ask him as we take a turn, down one of the roads which leads in the direction of Brighton and Tubbo's house as well. We had visited Tubbo's house twice before, once with our parents and then the second time just the two of us for a few hours. The sunshine is golden as it falls into the car with a song I don't quite recognize starts to play.

"Just some vlogging," Tommy tells me with a small shrug and I nod a little, my eyes locking on the road as we take a turn. It makes sense that he would want to hang out with his best friend while vlogging because they probably won't see each other for a good while after this meet up. Tommy had also told me that Tubbo didn't want to go to the meet up with the others which was fair enough for him. "Say hi." He says suddenly and I look over at him to see that he has his phone held up in my direction. The smile across his face is brighter then it had been all morning, letting me know that he had gotten Tubbo's response.

"What are you vlogging?" I ask him with a little laugh, the golden sunlight leaking into the car making us both of our skin look tanner then it usually does and our blond hair, his slightly darker then mine, now looking more golden then blond. Tommy gives me a little grin before looking around the car with the camera then to the early morning road.

"The car," Tommy grins a little, shooting me a grin as he looks around the car. The camera moves to the truck which is passing by us and then turning the camera to the front one. He aims it at the two of us with bright grins across our faces as I keep my eyes shifting from the road to Tommy who is much more awake now. The energy which is now in the car with us is awake and filled with a buzz of excitement due to the fact that we were going out.

"Ah, yes." I hum a little at the comment and I look over at him again for a second. I shoot a little wink to the camera before back to the road. "The most interesting thing that I have ever seen." I tell Tommy sarcastically because I am not so sure if they would like the car but it is actually pretty beautiful outside and we look pretty in the front facing camera. I might have to make it my profile picture because how well we look so good we look in the golden sunlight.

"Oh shut up." Tommy scoffs even though there is a bright smile across his face and we both easily shoot identical grins to the camera at the same time before he stops recording, turning the radio up and I laugh a little.

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